Thursday, June 05, 2008

Backing Up The Accusations Against Obama's Backers

Over at Advance Indiana, we see who Obama's real backing comes from now that he has thrown Pfleger, Wright, and Rezko under the bus to further his quest for the Presidency.

It's all about change when you hear Sen. Barack Obama addressing his faithful, and they cling to every word he says the way a Scientologist accepts the teachings of L. Ron Hubbard. Fortunately, there are some of us in the blogosphere offering a reality check on the guy. After Obama's long-time friend and political supporter was found guilty on multiple counts of corrupt influence, Obama said he was saddened and it wasn't the man he knew. He's offered similar explanations when the weird and racist rantings of his spiritual advisers became known. The Sun-Times' Lynn Sweet tells us that Obama invited his closest friends, political fundraisers and advisers to travel with him to Minneapolis to bask in victory Tuesday night. So let's take a look at who these folks are.

To see the entire list, you'll have to read the post. But let me cue you all in on a little secret. You can cross reference the list Mr. Welsh provides us, with this one. Just take a moment to explore this site and see from whence the Obama funding cometh.

Note this:

Goldman Sachs - $571,330

Wandering back to the AI list, we see something most interesting (emphasis is mine):

And then Obama named three persons to a search committee for his vice presidential running mate. It includes Eric Holder, Jim Johnson and Caroline Kennedy. As Deputy Attorney General in the Clinton administration, Holder gave a green light to and aided former White House counsel Jack Quinn in obtaining a presidential pardon for Marc Rich, the biggest tax cheat in American history. Johnson lives on the top floor of Washington D.C.'s Ritz-Carlton Hotel. The quintessential beltway insider, Johnson's wealth and political power are closely related. He's served on all kinds of corporate boards, including United Health and Goldman Sachs, and all that that implies.

But this isn't all. Once you have completed reading the AI list, check out this, this, this, this, and this.

In all of these instances, multiple family members have given to Obama's campaign. In these specific instances, positions have been filled and favors have been granted.

Now in most cases, one cannot get too smug about such information. All politicians have contributors and many use their family members to donate for personal gain, influence, and the paying back of favors. It is not exclusive to Obama. But we mustn't forget something, here. Obama says he is a different kind of politician, he says that wants to change the way Washington does business. He wants to reform the culture and bring back integrity to the government. And yet, he commits the same offenses as those he lectures and chastises, who happen to be part of the Washington clique.

From this little exercise, it's openly apparent. He is not different, he does not represent the change that so many have come to believe he represents, and if he is elected he will owe favors to some shady characters who are not the least bit consistent with the values he claims to have. It's no wonder why Mr. Welsh, my friend Mustang, and so many others are questioning Obama's claims and his sincerity.

I hear numerous praises about how the Obama camp's presentation is far greater than any in history. It's all in the packaging, they'll say. But when that presentation is based on falsehoods and lies, the presentation becomes null and void. And the presenter becomes nothing more than another snake oil salesman trying to peddle his wares to an unsuspecting public that is looking for some kind of miracle cure, for our ailing culture and government.

Despite this hypocrisy, one must admit that on the surface, it is pleasing to the ear and it does look good on paper. It moves people to believe in something. But in the end, it deceives and manipulates the weak, it exploits those that have become dependent. Hence, it will not stand the test of intelligent argumentation and it certainly will not deliver the outcome many are expecting.


Obob said...

he is every other politican. If he is for change and bipartisan support, why did he vote aganinst Justices Alito and Roberts? He was groomed from the fabled 2004 speech (which the wise obob admits was impressed by and saw the storm on the horizon). Great homework and thanks for the information. The more I know, the more I dislike.

LASunsett said...

//If he is for change and bipartisan support, why did he vote aganinst Justices Alito and Roberts? He was groomed from the fabled 2004 speech (which the wise obob admits was impressed by and saw the storm on the horizon).//

Reaching across party lines exacts a political toll. Whichever party member reaches out to cooperate and compromise with those in the opposition, their party's extreme wing gets upset.

Have you noticed, the extreme wing of the Democratic party is not complaining about Obama being a disloyal sellout? In contrast, how many times has the right wing base made complaints about John McCain not being a true conservative?

This tells me, the only true bipartisan in this race is McCain. We may not agree with him on every issue. But one thing we cannot say is very obvious. The man is not a party hack.

Anonymous said...

I found an interesting article today reporting the following poll results about Mr. Osama: 80% believe he is inspiring; 78% think he is down to earth; 79% think he is honest; 78% think he is patriotic; 88% say he gives them hope; 53% say he makes them proud. Now honestly, I cannot imagine one speech he’s delivered, nor can I find one thing on his website, nor is there anything he’s written that deserves this kind of support from the man-on-the-street. I am not discouraged because he is likely to win the presidency, but because we so many of our citizens are such pathetic sheep. I suppose the new rule of thumb is that if you are still awake at the end of the speech, then that’s the guy you vote for.