Monday, June 23, 2008

Obama To Reintroduce Himself

They call it a reintroduction.

In the opening weeks of the general-election campaign, Sen. Barack Obama has moved aggressively to shape his campaign and offered a clear road map for the kind of candidate he is likely to become in the months ahead: an ambitious gamer of the electoral map, a ruthless fundraiser and a scrupulous manager of his own biography in the face of persistent concerns about how he is perceived.

But I call it damage control.

Sand down the rough edges, shine it up a bit. The Big Media conglomerates can only do so much, you know? Think of it as a "things didn't go so smooth the first go around, so we'll start this whole thing from scratch" kind of thing.

Here we have a man, with whom we have had every opportunity to get to know during the primary campaign. Here we have a man, who must re-invent the wheel, once again touting his superior skills as a leader. And yet, here we have a man that has but a paragraph (or two) for a resume, under the heading of experience.

Great isn't it? I am sure he'll slip the recurrent themes of hope, change, and vision in for good measure, as well. Well frankly, I have very little hope he can do what he says he will do. And I have this recurring vision that is almost constantly in front of me: The only change we will be seeing in an Obama presidency is, going from bad to worse.

So once again folks, without further adieu, let me introduce to you the man that taketh away the sin of the world, Barack Obama. He will save the American people from themselves.


Greg said...

"Obama To Reintroduce Himself"


LASunsett said...


Sorry buddy. I gave at the office.

Greg said...

Oh, you'll be giving when BHO is your President!

LASunsett said...

//Oh, you'll be giving when BHO is your President!//

No. He will be taking. There's a distinct difference, there.