Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Decision Time For Hillary

The rumor being circulated now is, Hillary will consider being Obama's running mate. Whether it's true or not remains to be seen. Obama may not even want her, because to pick her would undermine his campaign built on "changing the way Washington does business". Hillary does not represent change.

But if I were her, I would think long and hard before going out on a limb like this.

To accept and lose would severely damage her chances for a future run. To accept and win would relegate her to a largely ceremonial position, with no real power. I say this because, I seriously doubt Obama would share power with her and even if he did, they'd butt heads for the entire four years.

If I were Hillary, here's what I would want from Obama and the party in exchange for her support:

1. Pay off her campaign debt.

2. Fire Reid and give her, his Senate Majority Leader position.

She needs both the money and the power.

Besides, Reid is worthless and the Dems would sell him out in heartbeat. VP for a President that would be known as a miserable failure would do nothing to further her career, nor would it pad her resume.


Obob said...

Reid has an impolite million dollar land deal looming over him. This is just the item to push him to the side and allow Hillary to go cage match with Pelosi ... hmmm

Greg said...

I'd be shocked if Hillary were waiting on the VP position. This is complete rumor and innuendo at this point, but have you heard the story that there is a devastating video of Michelle Obama speaking at a conference with Louis Farrakhan, and that she is seen ranting about "whitey?" It's possible Clinton is holding out in case Obama's campaign is crippled by some new revelation....

Anyway, what are people's thoughts on Obama's chances in the general election? Will we really elect one of the most left-wing politicians in all of America who has close ties to more than one terrorist, communist and racist?

Obob said...

I think the GOP attack machine is almost ready to pounce

Anonymous said...

Greg, just when I think that voters cannot get any dumber, Pelosi is elected to another term in the House. I have now concluded that our people are capable of anything.

Ah . . . time will tell. I don't think Obama will opt for HC. He's got to think about having BC standing over his shoulder for the next four or eight years. Plus, one wonders: would YOU select HC to be next in line? Not if you remember what happened to Vince Foster.