Saturday, January 16, 2010

Another Blast From The Past

With all eyes on the state of Massachusetts right now, PYY salutes the special people we all hope will once again lead the way, in the quest for freedom and liberty.

This week, as part of our ongoing musical series, I thought the theme of this week's post should give a nod to the Bay State (in hopes that someone there may know the rest of us are keeping our fingers crossed for them and the nation)..

This first tune is one that many of us will remember, by one of the most successful musical acts ever in our lifetime:

I've never been to Boston. They tell me it's rich in history and has a unique personality unlike any other. After all, it was home of the famous tea party that helped shape an entire revolution.

I suppose that someday I may get there, but until then I will just have to listen to Dave Loggins invite us all to visit:

How ironic is it that the band with the name Boston has a song that reflects an unfulfilled desire of so many Americans, right now?

The world has become full of madness, inconsistency, and is generally so erratic that peace very often eludes us. To top it off, our elected officials are sorely warped in their thinking. They are so intent on implementing an agenda of destructive interventions that don't make a damned bit of sense, they have lost contact with reality. They have forgotten that they serve at the pleasure of the people.

So unless the people demand better, this will continue and only get worse. There will be no peace of mind, nor will their be any hope for our children in the future.

I sincerely hope that we can see the beginning of a return to sanity next week. I sincerely hope that Massachusetts gets it right on Tuesday.

Momentum depends on it.

And as always, enjoy the music.

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