Wednesday, January 06, 2010

On Notice

It's time to put our leadership in Washington on notice. I do not know who put this video together, but it is powerful and I recommend everyone watch it:

Because this leadership has failed the American people so miserably, PYY will be posting an ongoing series called "On Notice". Each post will highlight a member of Congress who is up for re-election that deserves to be fired by his/her constituency.

The next installment will feature my senator who is up for re-election in 2010, Sen. Evan Bayh. I know someone from his office has read this blog before, maybe they will soon get the message that his days are numbered.

Rise up America, the new year is here. The time to replace the incumbents is at hand. We can sit back, talk about it, gripe about it, or we can DO something about it.


Leslie said...

I had a similar idea for the year Sunsett. Except I will be highlighting who is running and where they stand.

Evan needs to finally go... Think he will?


Greg said...

Love the brief clip of Reid flipping the bird. heh.

LASunsett said...

//Think he will?//

Depends on who will be running against him and how mad Hoosiers stay. I think it can be done, but the Tea partiers must make his defeat one of their goals in the next year and be very vocal about it.

LASunsett said...

//Love the brief clip of Reid flipping the bird.//

That's what Nevadans will be doing to him this year, he's in a lot of trouble in state polls right now.

Rocket said...

Global warming update! This is the coldest Winter some places in Europe have had in 100 years. I'm not lying. Thank God we have Nobel winners like Al Gore watching over us.

We have been in the 20's for highs in Paris for over 3 weeks. 27° right now. Mornings are in low 20°s

LASunsett said...


Count your blessings buddy.

It has struggled to to get to 20 today. Highs have been in the teens most of the past week and lows may dip below zero this weekend. To top it off, we are expecting 4-6 inches of more snow tonight into tomorrow morning, for my commute.

If Al Gore were to show up at my front door right now, I'd pelt his ass with snowballs.