Monday, January 04, 2010


Much was said locally and nationally about the Colts' decision to lay down last week against the Jets, and to some degree this past week against the Bills. But as we succumb to the meaningless opinions from the sports pundits, let's consider the Patriots' plight yesterday.

NE lost more than the meaningless game they were in. Welker left the game with a knee injury. So, I guess time will tell what his status will be come next week against the Ravens. But more than this, it shows why some organizations are not willing to risk everything for goals that may or may not be attainable....or for something that returns little if anything at all.

Philadelphia controlled their own destiny yesterday. They did not lay down but they lost control and failed to clinch. I am glad, because I want Favre to get some rest before hitting the field again and this allows Minnesota a bye.

Much was and will be said about the Arizona-Green Bay game. The Cardinals laid down because they had nothing of any real value to gain or lose, once Minnesota won. The Bengals laid down against the Jets, as well. The Jets don't deserve to be there because in one sense, they had it handed to them.

Yesterday I heard many of the pundits say that by laying down in a game in which the team would face the other again next week, the team that lost would lose the upper hand next week when it mattered most. Arizona and Cincinnati now have quality tape to review, because you know both teams had to show their cards to wallop the other as bad as they did.

Anyway, for better or worse the teams are now set. Only the strong will survive from here on. There will be no more laying down or the team that does will be laying down on their couches watching the rest of the playoffs.

Addendum: Just so Rocket doesn't threaten to take his business elsewhere, SD beat Washington with their subs, in what was a meaningless game for both teams. Zorn is history, Skins fans can only hope that someone can be hired to manage the talent that has underachieved so much, so often. It will have to be someone that can handle crybabies like Albert Haynesworth, who makes millions and still cannot get along with people.


Rocket said...

"Just so Rocket doesn't threaten to take his business elsewhere, SD beat Washington with their subs,"

What you fail to mention when you use the word "subs" is that it was with sub sandwiches that played against Washington not with actual human beings.

Now I like Indy, or Minnesota to win the SB. Don't write off San Diego (sorry Greg) But Helas I am sorry as I would like to see the old man (what's his name Bart Starr? Wasn't he the 5th Beatle?) go out with a this year's ring. He can win the SB on a last second pass and then die on the 50 yard line.

Too cool

Screw the Cowboys!

Greg said...

Awesome. I thought my team's chances were thin before yesterday. Not sure I will even watch now. So depressing. :(((

A.C. McCloud said...

Zorn's fake FG will go down in history, though.

LASunsett said...

//What you fail to mention when you use the word "subs" is that it was with sub sandwiches that played against Washington not with actual human beings.//

Were they Firehouse Subs or Lenny's Sub Shops sandwiches?

LASunsett said...

//Not sure I will even watch now. So depressing.//

For many years, Indy settled for FGs. They thought a good year was a 6-10 season and was tickled as hell to get a spot as a wildcard, only to come home after that first game.

I know how you feel.

Me, I just kept watching because I like football. I found myself rooting for teams that were the underdogs, just to see someone new win it all or a team that hadn't won in ages..

LASunsett said...

//Zorn's fake FG will go down in history, though.

When you know your goose is cooked, you try all kinds of things to make something happen. I think it was funny because, I think there was a different motive in this case.

Snyder wanted him to quit, so he wouldn't haven't pay him. That's why he took away the play calling duties publicly, to embarrass him into quitting.

But old Jim. turned the tables on him anyway and did the biggest bonehead thing he could do, so he could get his walking papers earlier. It didn't work.

That's funny stuff.

Greg said...

Why'd they hire Zorn in the first place? Weird. He was never ready for the NFL. In fact, the job with the Skins was his first ever head coaching job, on any level. It showed. Skins fans are just about the most loyal football fans anywhere - they deserve a good product on the field.

LASunsett said...

//Why'd they hire Zorn in the first place?//

My first inclination is to say that no one else wants to work for Snyder. But compared to Al Davis, he is probably a saint.

Not altogether sure though, just guessing.