Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Rippling Waters

WISH-TV Channel 8 in Indianapolis is reporting this story, just one day after the stunning upset victory of Scott Brown in Massachusetts.

The surprise Republican Senate win by Scott Brown in Massachusetts sparked Washington speculation about a possible heavyweight matchup between Republican Mike Pence and Democrat Evan Bayh in Indiana.

The Capitol Hill Web site Roll Call has a report that Mike Pence will meet Thursday with the Republican Senate Campaign Committee.

All I can state is:

Please Mike, run.
Evan Bayh is ripe for defeat and needs to go.

End statement.

(More on Rep. Pence can be found here and here.)


Leslie said...

I heard that today on the radio while driving home from work. I am very interested in seeing Pence run. He would win. I hope he sees that and goes for it.

Chuck said...

I think that few seats are safe anymore. More importantly, this win could bring out top notch candidates who may have otherwise sat out not wanting to bother with a race they wouldn't likely win.