Monday, January 11, 2010


Ravens 33 - Patriots 14

In one way, it is almost as if there is a passing of the torch going on right now or the end of an era. At the same time, I realize this may just be my perception. It may just be a sign that they need to retool some elements and rebuild.

Anything than could go wrong has gone wrong for them the past two years, as far as injuries go.

Last year it was Brady out for the season, this year it has been Welker hurt when it counted the most. There was some discussion about Brady playing with hurt ribs, there were times that I felt like Moss was quitting on the team. I don't know, only the team knows these things and they have denied these accounts.

What I did see of this ball game, it looked like the Ravens put lots of pressure on Brady, more than he's used to when they are winning. Greg, our resident Pats fan, has said in the past that the offensive line was not particularly good this year. It seems quite feasible that some work needs to be put into it...if they want to allow Brady the opportunity to keep throwing in "Hall Of Fame" fashion.

When the Ravens are good, this is the way they play: Tough defense and physical running attacks on offense. These are the things that Baltimore will need working for them, to have any chance to go further. They overran a banged up group of legends that will likely be back, but can they beat the juggernaut of the regular season the same way?

Cardinals 51 - Packers 45

Over 1000 total yards for both teams combined, 59 first downs, and no defense at all until the very end, when the game was on the line. This was the best game to watch the entire weekend, if you didn't have a dog in the fight. Otherwise, your nerves are shot today.

One would have thought that Arizona was going to rout the Pack, with the way the game started out. But after a scoreless 1st quarter, GB was able to crank up the offense and make a game out of it. Although I have been highly critical of Aaron Rodgers in this forum, he showed that he has the talent to be a great QB.

The Arizona offense must be damned good, because they just scored 51 on the second ranked defense in the league during the regular season. The impressive thing was, they did without one of their best receivers. Imagine how good they can be if they are healthy and on top of their game.

In my estimation, Kurt Warner has made his case for getting into the Hall of Fame and will only solidify that claim the longer he wins. Many think he already has, but you know how fickled the Hall voters can be sometimes. I think he will have a good day against New Orleans, next week.

Well that's the first round. The stage is set for the division round next week and we will post on these match-ups later in the week.


Rocket said...

I must admit that I got nervous in my stomach every time Brady dropped back to pass in this game!

Greg said...

ugh, brutal. I go back to the harsh punishment dealt out by Goodell for reading the Jets' lips on the sidelines in '07: loss of a first round draft pick. Belichick would have turned that into 2 or 3 quality players who could have filled in this year. Instead, we had a special teamer playing the 3rd WR. With Welker down, Brady had almost no one to throw to. Matt Light is done, and should have been backing-up someone this year. The defense was just starting to gel when Wilfork and Warren got hurt (they played injured yesterday b/c they had to). In short, the team needs work, especially since we know Welker will never be the same player, and he's not going to be back until November.

On the flip side, Ray Rice is just impossible to stop. He is so hard to tackle. The Ravens were just better than the Pats all around yesterday.

Such a bummer when the season ends. Best of luck to all of your teams.

Rocket said...


You who are in the know

Could you please explain to me where was Randy Moss and why Brady refused to throw to him. Don't those two Brady- Moss like each other?

Just read he is injured. What's your take?

Tom said...

It will be interesting to see the Ravens and Colts play next weekend.

Greg said...

rocket, i think moss has been playing hurt. also, brady was able to hit moss, but only on quick routes. brady had no time to hit moss on any long passes. also, brady was reportedly playing with a right shoulder strain and several broken ribs, so he might have been unable to throw deep, even with time.

Greg said...

Tom: I really think the AFC is totally wide open. Any of the remaining 4 could go to the SB. Both AFC games should be good next week. SD has the advantage of playing vs. a rookie QB. If I had to guess at AFC Champion, I would say it's the winner of Colts-Baltimore game.