Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Expecting A Miracle In Massachusetts

Once again, I am guilty of swiping this from I Hate The Media:

Of course, many who read this sleepy little blog have a hope that this will happen. But in all reality, I completely expect the Democrats to make every effort to steal this election using fraudulent ballots that are now being hid into car trunks and basements, as I type.

They did try it in New Jersey recently. But the turnout was so overwhelmingly in favor of the GOP candidate, they couldn't steal it. That's what needs to happen in Massachusetts, today.

Massachusetts, the entire nation is watching and waiting. We are all behind you and counting on you to do the right thing. A renewal of American politics is ready to spark, ready to ignite, and ready to spread across this great country.

Please, please.... be that spark.

The skewing has already begun in the media. Note the poll referenced in this Boston Globe article.

The new poll, done for the liberal Daily Kos blog by Research 2000, found Brown and Coakley tied, 48-48. The telephone poll of 500 randomly selected voters was conducted Friday through Sunday and had a margin of error of plus or minus 4.5 percentage points.

Now take a look at where it stands among the more respectable polling organizations. Unless they know something ahead of time, I think Kos needs to get out of the polling business.

FOX just reported that Coakley has conceded. This is a huge margin of victory for such a liberal stronghold. Imagine the effects this will have on blue dog states.

Evan Bayh? Are you watching this? The people of Indiana are coming for you next.


Greg said...

I did my part.

LAS, I don't believe there will be any significant fraud. Election workers cannot tell which candidate has been chosen on a ballot, and they can't even get access to the ballots, which are counted electronically, until it's time to take them out of the machine and seal them. We can all have confidence in the result, whatever it is.

Mary Ellen said...

No wonder the WH is in panic mode...running an election where they can't cheat to win, this is new ground for them. Something tells me that they will manage it somehow. I'm sure there's a cardboard box of ballots with Coakley's name on it in the trunk of somebody's car.

Just listened to Ed Shultz on the radio and he's sounding a little shrill...even for him.

Keeping my fingers crossed, I don't want that crapola Obamacare bill to pass and Brown may be our only hope.

Greg said...

Speaking of Obamacare, M-E, one big reason I don't like Coakley is that she is just going to do what she is told, instead of asking what's best for Mass. In Mass., we already have a very expensive universal health coverage system. How do any of us benefit from Obamacare? Bay Staters will pay in, no doubt, and get nothing in return. Add to that, her Palinesque, "I have foreign policy credentials b/c my sister lives in London;" her terrible record as DA and AG; her despicable, negative campaign.... I would be very disappointed if she won.

LASunsett said...

//I did my part.//

Good deal, Greg. Hopefully many more like you have done theirs.

Time for a voter uprising that transcends political parties. Time to show them all who they work for. If we are not pleased with the results, we can vote them out again the very next time. Repeat as often as necessary.

I would be willing to bet that a couple/three cycles like that and they will get the message.

LASunsett said...

//Just listened to Ed Shultz on the radio and he's sounding a little shrill...even for him. //

Is this the same Ed Schultz that said he'd cheat and vote numerous times if he lived in Mass.? No wonder he has no listeners, except Obama sycophants.

Greg said...

I went around the polling places with my local chief elections official (where I work), and the turnout is quite high. We predict at least 50% turnout. I think that works in Brown's favor, since most Mass. voters are unenrolled, and Brown seems to be getting the lion's share of independent voters. Will keep you posted.

Mary Ellen said...

Greg- The Dem talking heads all seem to think that the high turnout is a plus for them and Coakley. Like you said, I think the high turnout will mean the Independents are coming out in droves. I have no idea what will happen today, but I'm hoping it will be Brown.

The healthcare bill as written by both Houses needs to be torn up, it's crap.

LA- yeah...same old Ed Shultz. I had that video on one of my posts yesterday. Did you see the new one? He said he made mistake when he said he'd vote ten times in MA, what he meant to say is that he'd vote 20 times. Asswipe. I guess the right to a fair election doesn't mean crap to guys like that...it's all about what "he" wants and if that means winning by cheating, he's ok with that. That's the moral values of the "Progressives".

Rocket said...


Hey I'm over here but I'll be happy for you guys if your guy wins in Mass.

Mary Ellen said...

Ok...got this report from a friend who lives in Mass.

"...went to my office in the more central part of the state- still snowing- polling place no canvassers for either. Some guy ( wait that’s sexis!t) somebody parked their truck along the side of the road and it is all decked out with Brown signs as well as homemade signs. Coakley signs also at the campaign line But she didn’t have no tricked out truck! BTW- both in violation. I am told you must live canvass at the 150′ line. But whose watching. Voting brisk but no lines. No problem parking. All Senior citizens. What does that mean? Beats me! They usually are very consistent here in MA ( D) But are they afraid of what Obamacare will do? Peeked in around 3:15 after school- still seniors citizens , but a few working guys and a few women in their 20-40’s what the heck does that mean? I dunno. When I left the building, live canvassers final! Knew 2 of the 3. Coakley guy active in local dem politics. Older of the Brown guy- veteran. Young Brown guy I dunno, probably owns the truck. LOL None of the libertarian guys were out.. And I mean these guys were tea party before tea party was cool. I was surprized about that. They have been active for years on all local issues about spending, the war, taxes.

I think I might be too far away from the action to be a good gage. My understanding is it is all happening out east. Boston and it’s suburbs vs. Brown’s stronghold of the southeast to mid-cape. Trust me upper Cape around Providencetown is not voting for Brown no matter what Hill Buzz says."

Mary Ellen said...

Here ya go....a little voter fraud in Lawrence Mass, for Martha Copley, caught on video tape.
With a race that is this tight, stuff like this can make a difference. Damn, I hate cheats! She even gave her name!


Greg said...

M-E, you are hilarious (the style, not the substance). LOL. Thanks for the update. :)

LASunsett said...

Isabel Melendez, a 4-5 second search of her name tells us she is a Democratic hack. That's all we really need to know. Everything else is just fluff and pomp, icing on the cake, and a cherry to top it off.

Chuck said...

Funny that the media is quoting Kos.

This is a sign of desperation. If all other polls show Brown leading, turn to Kos.

A.C. McCloud said...

Funny that the media is quoting Kos.

For real. What next, quoting polls from Crooks and Liars, Huffpo, or Media Matters? Geez.

LASunsett said...

//This is a sign of desperation.//


By Brown just making this a race (in a very liberal stronghold), it will encourage other quality candidates to mount challenges to long time incumbents and certainly moderate blue dog Dems.

Dems are very vulnerable, they have to know it.

LASunsett said...

//What next, quoting polls from Crooks and Liars, Huffpo, or Media Matters? Geez.//

I am surprised that a polling czar hasn't been appointed to regulate polling not deemed to be in line with the sycophants that are in charge of Washington.

Why not? They have one for everything else.

LASunsett said...

I am betting that the Boston precincts will sit on numbers until they see how much they need to overcome...Brown evidently has polled well in the areas with high turnout in the burbs and rural areas. Rural areas tend to get the counting done and over with, so they can go home.

Mary Ellen said...

Did you guys see the coverage of the after the vote parties? Brown's place is hopping...lots of smiles, signs and noise. Then they showed Coakley's and it's almost empty, silent and the reporter said that the few people there were mostly media.

Until the votes are in, I'm not getting my hopes up.

The best part of all this is watching the DNCC, the White House, and Coakley's campaign all pointing fingers at each other and blaming them for a loss...before the voting was even finished! I don't think I've ever seen anything like that...ever!

LASunsett said...

//Did you guys see the coverage of the after the vote parties? //

Saw that...never a good sign when no one shows up.

Mary Ellen said...

Brown wins. :-)

Thanks Mass! Maybe now the Dems will wake up.

Something tells me that Obama will not be smiling tonight. Heh.

LASunsett said...

Yes, looks like Brown did the unthinkable. That little rumble you just felt a little while ago was Ted rolling over in his grave.

Of the Dems that voted for Brown, I'd like to know how many were supporters of Hillary early on. Teddy dissed her early, in favor of the Manchurian Candidate.

Mary Ellen said...

LA- I speak to a lot of Hillary supporters...I was one of them, and they were campaigning hard for Brown. Some of them stuck with Coakley because of the "woman factor" but I don't vote gender or race, I only support those who listen to the voters and represent them in Washington. Those who voted for Brown did so because he wasn't going to be a rubber stamp for either party.

amerloque said...

Hi LAS !

Bravo !

Palin in 2012 !


LASunsett said...

Hi Amerloque,

Hip Hip Hooray!!

The spark has fired. We are now waiting on ignition.