Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Down Playing, Minimizing, And Lying

One cannot help but notice something when they read this story. It doesn't take a rocket scientist (or even a political one) to figure out what this biased account of the top gaffes of 2010 is about:

Racism, pure and simple -- There is only one black man on that list.

I know Richard Steele is sometimes an idiot and certainly what he said was not true. And I don't think much thought went into the choice to make him GOP Chairman, either. But as flippant as I am being and as sorry as it was, the writer of this list is wrong on two fronts.

1. She puts Blumenthal's lie and classifies it as a gaffe, so as to minimize the severity of of the event. A gaffe is a mistake, Blumenthal intended to lie right through his teeth. She wants you to think he simply misspoke on something little like whether he served in Vietnam or not.

2. If she wants to classify lies as gaffes, she left some more significant ones out of her short list -- some big whoppers that she selectively chooses to ignore.

She left out Charlie Rangel telling people he has always played by the rules. She left out the blatant misrepresentation of a Congressional candidate's words in an ad for his own re-election.

If she wants to look at true gaffes, there are some she could have replaced Blumenthal's lie with, starting with Harry Reid's report on job loss. She could have had a field day with Biden, who had too many to count.

She also left out the one about Rick Sanchez and his "cotton-picking president" remark. And his typical scripted anti-Semitic "Jews control the world" moment that got him fired.

I could go on, but you get the drift. There are so many it's not really funny.

The silly gaffes we can overlook. But when we have public figures who state something falsely, minimize the severity of given truths, or deliberately communicate racist statements, should we minimize them as mistakes?

This is but one way people can break the moral fiber of a civilization. They minimize wrong behaviors, which only serves to positively reinforce them. They want you to think it's no big deal. As long as you can justify it with some measure of victimhood, it's okay.

They were tired, they were not thinking straight. They are the targets of a smear campaign by their opponents. It makes no difference what the subject, there is always a "justifiable" excuse for the deceits, and they will use anything possible to distract from the lies they tell.

But the sad thing is, we tolerate it. We accept this as a core value of politicians and this wannabe journalist Holly Bailey facilitates it, with this poor effort she calls a list.

Well, I say it's time to change the way things are being done. It's time to start holding these people accountable. These left leaning, excuse masking, no principled media types can write all of the crap they want. But we need to call directly on the liars to stop.

After the New Year, the moment the new Congress is sworn in, we need to reaffirm to our elected officials that we are still paying attention. We need to put them on notice that in two years there will be another election and they will be fired, if they do not start to change this corrupt culture that has been become known as Washington. We didn't reject the last Congress only to replace them with another group of corrupt members with Rs behind their names.

And..... we should be prepared to do it without blinking an eye. It's our nation. We live here in the full force of the incompetent decisions these bottom feeding liars have made for us, without our full consent.


Chuck said...

First, I always find it funny on these lists how they will through one or two (depending on the length of the list) Democrats under the bus to show they are balanced and unbiased.

Second, she does not have Joe Biden on the list. You cannot have a legitimate gaffe list without listing Biden.

Third, look at the stories on Blumenthal and Kirk. Blumenthal "implied", an accident. While Kirk "embellished" an intentional act. Also, she included a quote from Blumenthal that he used "misplaced words" while not giving any quotes from Kirk to explain away the mistake. Finally look at the length. She went into great detail about the things Kirk said but only gave a brief accounting of Blumenthal's issue without giving any details.

All in all, typical leftist reporting.

LASunsett said...

//All in all, typical leftist reporting.//

I would add something to this statement so that it would read:

All in all, typical leftist reporting by a former Newsweek hack.

Yes, it turns out a little web search can help a person understand where she gets such liberal leanings. I did just that and found a treasure chest of leftist hackery. Just reading other articles by the girl would tell anyone with a brain that she is in no way an unbiased source.

A.C. McCloud said...

Over 1500 comments on a Yahoo news story, you know she's getting reamed by at least half of them.

I thought Obama's pronunciation of "Corpse men" was worse than any of those, coming from the president. We are talking gaffes.

As Chuck says, Biden dropping the F bomb at the health care signing after the left never forgot Cheney doing so in the Senate. Or maybe they don't consider that a gaffe.

How about the dude who said Guam might tip over?

Or the WORST gaffe of the year-- Ag Sec Vilsack firing Shirley Sherrod.

LASunsett said...

Plenty of them to go around, AC. Those are definitely some good ones.

But Ms. Bailey has such a narrow focus and a vested interest in reporting her bias, she can only see mistakes by Republicans.