Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

The New Year's Eve addition of Friday Funnies showcases one of our favorite drunk characters from the past:

And here's two for the price of one:

Funny stuff, but drinking and operating machinery is not.

If you are celebrating tonight, remember these words:

If you drink do not drive, if you drive do not drink.

From the editorial staff here at PYY:

Have a happy and safe New Year celebration.


Always On Watch said...

I love Foster Brooks. I think that I've seen all the available videos.


Happy New Year, LA! May 2011 be kind to you.

Chuck said...

Foster Brooks was hysterical but my wife and I were talking the other day, it seems like back then everybody drank in the movies/on TV.

My daughter taped some old Christmas editions of Bewitched and we watched them, it seems all they did on that show was drink

Then we watched It's A Wonderful Life. Again, the after-work cocktail was the norm.

I did a tour for some high school kids in our ER one day. I took them through one of the trauma rooms of course and they were naturally fascinated with this room so we hung around a bit and talked about what goes on in there.

I told them "If you drink and drive, you will wind up in here with me eventually."

Most of them likely blew me off as a crazy old man (I'm only old to high school kids) but if a just a few of them listened...

Have a Happy New Year LA.

Have a Happy New Year.

Mary Ellen/Nunly said...

Happy New Year, kiddo!

LASunsett said...

AOW, Chuck, and ME/Nunly,

Thank you for the well wishes and I hope 2011 is good to all of you.

I know that both ME and AOW have both had tough years, but I pray that God will richly reward both of you for your perseverance and steadfastness in the faith.

Things aren't easy, trials are not easy. If they did not test us, they would not be trials, but mere inconveniences. Hang in there, the sun is about to rise.