Wednesday, December 01, 2010

A Rose By Any Other Name..... still a rose.

And feces by any other name, is still feces.

What do I mean by this?

Give a listen to this speech by Nigel Farage of the European Parliament:

Did you hear him?

Did you listen?

What he said has everything to do with the current condition of the European continent, and much to do with state of America's present situation.

Were you paying attention at the end when he said:

....if you rob people of their identity, if you rob them of their democracy, then all they are left with is nationalism and violence.

When we think about what this present American government has tried to do in the past two years, we realize that it has made every effort to pattern its policies after that of Europe's. We who are enlightened are able to see the fallacy of such a system, because we know that it is historically a failed economic model. It has failed in the past, and is still failing now.

Has anyone else noticed that forms that have been rejected in the past have resurfaced under different names?

For instance, China has a system they call state capitalism. People were so tickled to see China reject the agrarian communist policies that Mao implemented, they forgot something along the way: Economic reform is not necessarily and indicator of freedom.

Let's not forget Mussolini and Hitler were huge proponents of state capitalism. But they called it fascism, which meant a corporate state. In reality...there is very little difference between today's China and Germany under national socialism.

Another example is the Green movement. Under the pretenses of environmental concerns, the left has hijacked this movement to use it for the specific purpose of redistributing wealth.

After the fall of the USSR and the reinvention of the Chinese economy, beret wearing activists (who wanted to see a global communist utopia) invaded the Green movement. They invented this scenario whereby they could shake down rich countries to allow less developed ones to catch up, under the guise of fairness.

It's being played out right now in the global warming debate.

So, it would be wise to keep our eyes open and watch the demise of the Europeans play out. We see that liberty and freedom are antithetical to state sponsored socialism because it is restrictive in nature. The people are freest when they can have choices, with as little government regulation as possible.

Whenever a government overreaches its power into the market place, we see that it is a recipe for disaster....just like we are seeing in Europe today. We must keep our foot on the throat of our government, if we expect to live in a world where we can flourish as a nation and a culture.

As for other nations, let them do what they want. They are responsible for their own successes. We need to stop allowing idiots to interject guilt into our national psyche, for being an exceptional nation.

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Mustang said...

This is an exceptional essay, and the video a priceless find. It is interesting to note that the European Union never attacked and subjugated anyone. All EU members came willingly to the chopping block, motivated by simple greed or because they did not want their economies locked out of the Euro-Club. They believed that if they joined the EU, their economies would soar because in joining the EU, they gained access to markets, and it was either that, or allow the EU to shut down their national economies.

Ireland’s reason(s) for joining the EU is moot. What does matter is that the EU now dictates its policy to the Irish, who had to give up their freedom for “a sense” of economic security. It was a false sense, as it turns out. How you related these events to our own situation is near genius, LA. This is what we are looking at too, as Obama and others take us ever closer to European-style socialism.

There was a time when Britain stood alone facing dangerous foes. We had so much respect for the British under the leadership of Winston Churchill; I lament this is no longer so. Today, the British have given in to the EU. They’ve given up every vestige of their sovereignty —of being British. Today, Englishmen are moving to America in droves; the Welsh and Scottish have withdrawn to themselves having picked the cadavers of the English treasury. In time, there will no longer be a British Commonwealth, and I think this is a real shame. I commend you LA for sounding the warning bell so consistently. The enemy is at our gate. The American people must answer: do we allow Soros in, or shall we choose the more difficult and laudable path of resisting global socialism? If we give up our liberty to the statists, we won’t get it back.