Monday, December 27, 2010


Colts 31 - Raiders 26

This is always a tough game to watch because the Raiders were my AFL/AFC team as a boy and man, for many years. Long before the Colts came to Indy, they were the team I could talk smack to others about and they delivered in most games.

Lately they have stunk.... because their owner is an idiot. This year they have been very competitive and my hats are off to them and their efforts this year.... despite how stupid Al Davis is.

Two factors I will point out about this game. The Raiders gave the Colts opportunities from stupid immature penalties, but the Colts had to work... for both their points, and to keep the Raiders out of the end zone for most of the game.Their FG kicker (whose name I will not try to spell) is still one of the best in the league, but FGs will not win games unless your defense is flawless.

Manning's hard counts gave the Raiders DLs fits down the stretch, on key drives. There were some key mistakes at critical times in the secondary. Oakland showed their hand too soon on one drive by showing blitz with 14 seconds left on the play clock. That mistake resulted in a Colts TD.

So Indy is still alive.... and Oakland will soon be a more formidable force to be reckoned with, once the defense gets more experience and Campbell learns to make better decisions on offense. He is not a flashy QB, so he needs to be more like Trent Dilfer and Brad Johnson. That is to make good decisions by distributing the ball well, and relying on the strong running of McFadden to set up the passing game.

Pats 34 - Bills 3

The juggernaut continues. Some will say it was just the Bills. But the Bills have played some damned good football this year and gave NE a run in their first game. Buffalo is maybe one of the best lousy teams in the league because they play hard against everyone. If they could only play for four quarters, they might be in the middle of the pack.

NE has home field wrapped up now, so nothing to play for next week. Not that they need my help, but if it were me, I'd tell them to play loose next week and do not make any diving catches or other kinds of plays that would result in an injury. Play to win, play to stay in form, but "do not get hurt" should be the goal.

Bears 38 - Jets 34

If the Bears win out and get help from a team that plays against the team with the dog-killer on it, they could get a first round bye. They looked like crap against the Pats awhile back, but they are still a good team when they set their minds to play.

I think Cutler will be a good QB someday and has done much to improve this year. Next year, he should be even better.

Chiefs 34 - Titans 14

KC is back in form with Cassel back. They could be a team that might surprise some people in the playoffs.

It saddens me to see Tennessee in so much disarray. If there were no Colts in Indy, I'd be a fan of the Titans more than any other, because of the tremendous amount of respect I have for Jeff Fisher.

I hope it's not his last year there, but ownership is setting him up to fail by pushing the Vince Young experiment. In my view, Young does not have what it takes to play in this league. He is not a man, he is still a spoiled brat who thinks the damned world revolves around him.

I think ownership wants another McNair, but Young is not going to be that kind of player. Despite his personal flaws that eventually cost him his life off of the field, he was a mature football player on the field. Young is immature both on and off, and if ownership thinks otherwise, they may be losing a great coach to Denver or some other team that needs a superb disciplined coach, who can motivate men to play.

Bengals 34 - Chargers 20

The highly overrated Chargers with the punk Rivers could not compete against a losing team, when the season was on the line. Norv Turner could not coach them to victory either. Both are the most overrated in their positions, in the league. They will be missing the playoffs, which is the way it should be for teams that start off 2-5.

To all of the good fans in San Diego, I have to ask something. Are you now sorry you ran off Drew Brees and Marty Schottenheimer? It does no good to have a punk QB who passes for a million yards and miss the playoffs, or makes the playoffs and gets eliminated in the first game.

Brees has a ring, Rivers doesn't.

Enjoy the playoffs at home.

Skins 20 - Jags 17

Many thanks to Rocket's team for giving the Colts some breathing room. The Jags are still the team that is ready to press through the wall they have built around themselves, but can never seem to press hard enough to get through. They usually beat themselves when the season is on the line.

The talent is there, but they lack discipline to close. Maybe it's time for a coaching change.

When they play the Colts, they let their dislike for Indy get in the way of playing solid hard-nosed football. They allow their emotions to get the better of them by taking cheap shots and getting flagged. They get caught up in the machismo thing and fail to think right when the game is on the line.

From the looks of the score, Jacksonville did that again yesterday.

Lions 34 - Dolphins 27

Congrats to the Lions, who may be the best lousy team in the NFC. They have played harder this year, they have hung in there against some good teams. A little tweaking in the off season and maybe they can compete for a wild card spot soon.

Through it all, the Detroit fans are some of the most loyal around. When some fair weather fans in other towns give up on their teams, the Lions fans are still as rabid as any division leading team's.

The Pistons have won some NBA championships and the Tigers have won a few in baseball. Detroit sports fans are always proud of them. But nothing can sway the faithful Lions fans away from their team.

Good job Lions. Hang in there.


Rocket said...

I know one Boston lawyer who must be rejoicing today. The Giants looked as bad as did the Redskins in their loss to the Eagles. The Chargers lost to lowly Cincy and Washington all but knocked out J-ville It was a great day for football yesterday

LASunsett said...

The snow must have knocked power out at his house. He hasn't even been on Facebook today.

A.C. McCloud said...

Spot on, LA. McNair was on a different plane. Even Collins is a step above Young due to his attitude.

But I too suspect this might be it for Fisher.

LASunsett said...

//But I too suspect this might be it for Fisher.//

That steady sureness will leave the organization. But he will land on his feet somewhere else and that org. will be better for it.