Thursday, December 30, 2010

Kicking Off The 2012 Campaign Right

With the coming of 2011, I do not think it's too early to begin turning our attention to the next election, where the goal is to fire more of the corrupt House members, the inept and corrupt Senators who are up for re-election, and the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. As we approach this monumental task, we need to start the vetting process early so there can be no surprises along the way.

AC has a good discussion going on his blog, about how the Bushies are already starting to demonize Sarah Palin. As AC does so very well, he got me thinking again.

My thoughts about this are two-fold:

1. Historically, I am an anti-establishment type who wants a smaller federal government with less control over our lives. I do not want Dem Lite anymore, I want someone who could shake things up and have the guts to do the things necessary to save our republic, from the certain future ruin this bunch has been heading us toward.

Sarah Palin does represent that same kind of sentiment. But in my opinion, this does not necessarily make her the best choice to run against Barack Obama in 2012. Don't misunderstand me though. She would be a far better choice than Obama, by a Texas mile. But remember, we want the BEST choice to do the job once Obama is defeated, not the one who strikes a chord with our emotions.

Palin has proven to be a very popular figure since the day she was announced as McCain's running mate. She has the ability to raise tons of cash and is quite the energizing force in the GOP. There is no better cheerleader for what America needs right now.

For these reasons, I think she'd be the best fit for the GOP Chair currently being held by Richard Steele. In addition to her fund raising capabilities, a person of her great influence could be very beneficial in an number of races, not just the one for the White House. There is more power in being the king/queen maker than being the king/queen.

Instead of concentrating on just one race, she could split her time up and help swing the gavel back to the GOP in the Senate and solidify the GOP's control over the House, further choking the life out of the Progressive movement.

While she is doing that, someone with the same value system like Mike Pence, Michelle Bachmann, or someone like them with some experience in Washington would make better choices to run for the White House.

Both are TEA Party favorites and would work hard to undo the damage that has been done over the past several years, with the last two being the most severe in our nation's history. Both have a working knowledge of the workings behind the scenes and are capable of winning against a weak Obama.

2. Despite my concerns Sarah Palin not being the best choice this time around, it is very counterproductive for GOP elites to take potshots at her so early in the game. There may be a time when she is a more seasoned candidate and the country could use her. Having Republicans demonize her now only sets up the party for a fracture down the road and could lead to the re-election of the President.

If we want more serious damage to our nation, think of a Barack Obama with no more accountability. He has already appointed more czars than any other previous president. We cannot afford to have him in power for another 4 years, or we may not be able to undo his damage for decades, if ever.

Unless you want this nightmare to be a reality, we need Sarah Palin and her followers to stay in the fold. If the GOP elites are content to vilify her, she and her powerful voting bloc could defect to a third party and that will split the conservative vote.

The GOP elites will need to get used to the fact that they are going to be targeted in the next primary if they do not get on board with what the bulk of the American people want. The people made their voices heard this past election and it would behoove all of them to get on board now. Otherwise, they will face the same challenges and may lose their jobs to more conservative candidates who will represent the people better.

But at the same time, all conservatives must know that the best choice isn't always the feel good choice. Palin is young, she has time to mature. I don't think there is any folly in allowing someone with more practical political experience, who shares her worldview, to take a shot at the President while he sits as an incumbent.

Let the jockeying begin, but lets keep it clean and confined to policy.


Chuck said...

This is fight for the soul of the RNC.

I like the Bush family but they are the epitome of the establishment GOP.

On the other side is the Tea Party types (Palin).

I have been a big supporter of Plain heading the RNC for the reasons you mentioned, mostly though because she would push them to the right.

We need to get rid of the RINOs and bring in some Republicans to run the Republican National Committee.

LASunsett said...

//I have been a big supporter of Plain heading the RNC for the reasons you mentioned, mostly though because she would push them to the right. //

Spot on, sir.

I think she would both draw new potential conservatives into races to run for offices... and I think there are some establishment types who have been pressured to walk the chalk line, who may feel more comfortable going against the usual grain.

When the new Congress opens, I hope the TEA Party winners start making their cases for massive cuts in spending.

Chuck said...

Oops, Palin

LASunsett said...

There are no typo police here.