Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Sounds like a high school basketball game with either good defense or poor shooting, one or the other. But it's not. It's the vote totals in the Alito confirmation. (Sad that more moderate Dems like Evan Bayh didn't vote yes, but he still gets to hear cases tomorrow.)

Kerry, Kennedy, et al. stole the show with the comedic performance of the ages, by trying to mount an effort to filibuster and thus stall (and eventually prevent) the the new Justice from raising his right hand. But, they did far more damage to their own credibility, than to Justice Alito or the President. They once again looked like the partisan hacks that they are.

How can they not see how ridiculous, they make themselves look? How can they not see that the majority of the electorate sees right through their facades, and their ulterior motives?

Let's all understand one thing here, the Democrats are seriously in trouble, and they don't see it. At least the leftist Deaniac wing doesn't. But what do you want to bet that Howard will soon be forced out, by a coup? It's going to be hard to win any seats, if you are broke.

heres the story from MSNBC, if you haven't read it.


Leslie Bates said...

Well my personal theory on the subject, which I came up with before I started reading Ayn Rand, was that a hardcore leftist had to engage in gross self-deception and the willful refusal to treat reality as being real.

Of course being persistent self-deceivers also leads to their being persistent deceivers of others. That a leftist will publically tell a lie has become as metaphysically certain as the rising of the Sun in the morning.

LASunsett said...

Well said, Les.