Sunday, January 08, 2006

Agca To Leave Prison

From Reuters comes this story.

ANKARA (Reuters) - Mehmet Ali Agca, the man who shot and seriously wounded Pope John Paul II in 1981, will be freed from prison this month, the Anatolian state news agency said on Sunday.

Agca served 19 years in Italy for the assassination attempt before being pardoned at the Pope's behest in 2000. He was then extradited to Turkey to serve a separate sentence in an Istanbul jail for robbery and murder.

"Agca is expected to be released between January 10 and January 15," Anatolian said, adding that he may then be required, like all Turkish men, to perform his military service.

Only nineteen years for robbery, attempted murder, and murder? Then he goes into the military? Turkey sure has got the European philosophy of justice downpat.

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