Saturday, January 21, 2006

It's Political Yen/Yang's One-Year Blogiversary

The first year of Political Yen/Yang is in the books. And I must say it's been interesting, educational, and a hell of a lot of fun. I have communicated with some of the finest people in the world through this site, people that I would have never had the opportunity to converse with and learn from, had I not started it up. It's been a very enriching experience.

I had ideas on how to put together a grand celebration post. One of them was, I thought about linking up to some of (what I considered to be) my better posts. But as you may already know, I have some of the smartest readers in the world. Some of them may not think of themselves as such, but I can say it completely without a doubt. (I can say it, because it is true.) And smart people already know how to use the archives, they do not need me to parade posts that I have already posted for them to read.

So instead of that, I thought I'd share some thoughts about PYY and some goals I had when I started, and whether or not I met them.

Before I blogged, I posted a lot on the political and sports message boards on AOL, as LASunsett. Public boards can be ruthless, the people you encounter through your posts can be brutal when the person replying to your message disagrees with you. People harass other people, name call, and just generally take their miserable days and lives out on people they do not know, for no good reason other than to blow steam at someone/anyone.

The purpose of having a forum for discussions, is to discuss and debate whatever the subject happens to be. At least I thought it was. Some others did too, but too many people were out of control; putting filters on was difficult because they would change screen names regularly.

So I said to hell with it.

I started PYY up with the idea that I could create a forum where intelligent people could come and share their opinions and ideas, without having to get insulted. Today I look at it and can say, goal met.

I wanted a place where people could feel free to disagree, as long as it is done respectfully. Attack the arguments, not the people. Anyone that disagrees with the views and opinions expressed here and intelligently makes their case, is as welcome here, as those that usually agree. Again, I have to say, goal met.

Do you see a pattern developing?

Goals like hits, traffic, etc. do not mean nearly as much to me, as the goals that ensure quality. It has never been my goal to convert people to my way of thinking. And I do not seek fame and fortune from it. But what I have tried to do is, post thoughts that will make you, the reader, think; something that will in turn, cause you to say something that will make me think. I love to learn. And I don't mind saying, I learn a lot from the faithful group that comment here, on a regular and semi-regular basis.

So, many thanks to all of you that come here and participate. I can never say it enough, I appreciate all of you very much. Without you, I'd be talking to a wall. Walls have no intellect, they cannot teach, they cannot learn. Most of all, they cannot respond. But many of you have responded and done it with class and style. I am proud to be associated with all of you.

And to those of you that have your own blogs, I love them all. Keep up the good work. You have an excellent opportunity at your fingertips. It is an opportunity to bring your best ideas to the forefront and share them, with whoever will read them. It is a right (that many have fought and died for) to make your voice heard. You have the freedom, you have the power, to speak freely about all issues and matters that are important and you have a golden platform, from which to speak.

Keep using it. Break when you need to for more important things (or to rest). But always keep that avenue open. You may not think that one voice, one blog makes much of a difference. But it really does, if it has truth and sincerity in its words. A speck of truth will make a greater impact, than an ounce of lies.

Here's to another good year at PYY and for all of you as well. May God bless us all.


Kender said...

Hapy Blogaversary to ya'.

John C. A. Bambenek said...

Congrats on one year! Here's to many more.

Caoilfhionn said...

Happy Blogaversary! You've hit a milestone! Cheers! Cao

Ogre said...

Happy Birthday!

What? Oh. :)

gandalf said...

You have achieved your aims, you have a well respected blog and your insight and views are refreshing, I may not always agree with them but as voltaire said
" I will defend your right to say them"

Have many more good years

GM Roper said...

One of the really neat things about a successful blog (and yours is one, of that there can be no doubt, is that people enjoy reading what you have to say. Further, it casts a spell which seems to encourage more writing. Your's has been a great first year and I, only one of many, many, wish you a lot of years blogging.

Happy Blogaversary!!!

All_I_Can_Stands said...

LA, Congratulations. I have enjoyed your blog and your presence in the blogosphere. You have been an inspiration and an encouragement during the startup of mine, as well. Looking forward to this next year.

Always On Watch said...

Happy blogiversary, LA! You do a great job here.

LASunsett said...

Thanks to all of you for your kind words and good wishes.

A.C. said...

LA, your notion regards message boards is definitely seconded from me. Congrats and thanks for dropping by my place as well..

Esther said...

Mazel Tov, LA! Way to go, reaching the one year milestone. You have achieved your goals for sure! How many of us can say that? Keep it up.

Shah Alexander said...


The first year of Political Yen/Yang is in the books? Great!

Happy bolgaversary!