Saturday, June 13, 2009

Another Blast From The Past

Since Mustang has deluded himself into believing much of my musical tastes are rooted in psychedelic commie land, I thought this weekend we would take a look at some bands that had colors in their names. He may like a couple of them if he totally frees his mind, occasionally he does get it right on music. But on these, I won't hold my breath and honestly neither should you.

We will lead it off with one of those songs the old coot may like. In this one, we a have a little tune originally written and recorded by the Stones. It was a satirical song about the depressive nature of some of the old country songs from way back. I think it is a pretty good remake and is rooted in the 60s LA/SF sound (which sported the Byrds, Buffalo Springfield, and Grateful Dead):

Red is a color that always attracts the eye. This song certainly caught my ear, when it was first released in 1981:

I saw this next act in a huge beer tent, status post a local beer festival. They left the tent up for the concert and much to our delight, they were still selling beer during the show. Lead singer David Coverdale did a stint with Deep Purple, but made his name with this band and this was my favorite tune by them:

Here's a band that I always enjoyed seeing live. I saw them twice and I must say they were quite the party band, in their day. They formed in 1965 as the Knowbody Else, and stole a school PA system for their act. They split town when the warrants were issued. All was forgiven when they returned to their hometown of Black Oak Arkansas, after hitting the big time.

Except for one word, this tune is completely instrumental and I think is one of the better southern rock recordings in the 70s:



Anonymous said...

Dear Blog Owner/collaborators

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Mustang said...


Great line up this week, friend. You did well … three out of four isn’t bad, considering your previous record of accomplishment.

Semper Fi

Anonymous said...

Το OH ο Θεός μου… φαίνεται αυτό που αυτός ο ανόητος έχει κάνει τώρα! He' το s πήρε τη FCC εξετάζοντας μας!

Arianna Huffington

Z said...

...when you COULD be listening to Leon Russell or the BAND?

these comments are hilarious!

beamish said...

Whitesnake = Led Zeppelin for people who like Led Zeppelin cover bands.