Tuesday, June 16, 2009

News In Brief (And The Usual Opinionated Commentary)

Durbin Cashes Out Stock After Fed Meeting

The Chicago Sun-Times is reporting this. Of course it's premature to say there was any insider trading going on. But as is usually the case, another corrupt Illinois politician is seen as giving "the appearance" of impropriety.

You can bet that nothing will come of this, while Dems are in control.

Moussavi Says He Will "Pay Any Cost"

If he is this determined, we all know what that cost will eventually be. If he follows through with this noble endeavor, it may facilitate more unrest that will eventually force and extremely bloody crackdown by the government. I say the man must love his country and has more guts in his little finger than the rest of the world leaders, to include the US President.

Continued silence on Obama's part just further demonstrates what we already know about him. He is weak and it may backfire on him in more ways than one.

French Prosecutor Seeks To Dissolve Scientology

Bad move.

Anytime a government outlaws a church of any kind, you have to ask, which one will be next?


Rocket said...

French Prosecutor Seeks To Dissolve Scientology

In fact the prosecutor is pleading for a disolution of the Paris Branch. There are still many other branches of Scientology such as Marseilles, Lyons etc. It will be interesting to see if they eventually go for a blanket dissolution covering the entire church in France or as it is known in France as a "sect" of just stay with the Paris branch.

The prosecution is pleading that the church's official policy is swindling members or prospective members. ("escroquerie" in French)

My personal opinion is that those who have been swindled are already not playing with a full deck and if you read their stories they are already lost souls when they showed interest in the church and were looking for solace it seems at any price. They only had to close their purse strings and realize what they were getting into rather than jumping in and then losing a large part if not all of their savings.

I have nothing in common with this church, thus I stay away but I am preoccupied by a reduction of individual rights in France. (see law Hadopi and burden of proof) not to mention people who are being formally investigated because of soft criticisms of certain government members on the internet)

Yet the President of France can call a citizen a "poor asshole" without cause for concern.

PS - LA! If you can send me about $10K I can guarantie you 25% per year. OK?

Anonymous said...

I don’t know what insider trading means, but, PS—LA! If you can send me about $10K I can guarantie you 25% per year. OK? might qualify. Are you a democrat, Sunsett? This hear is evidence that people are greedy bastards.

Whats scientology, anyway?

Eric Cartman
SPE (in the library)

Greg said...

Zero's weak-assed statement on what is going on in Iran is a complete embarrassment to the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. He can't even bring himself to condemn the firing of AK-47s on unarmed civilians. He says he's "troubled" and he's "watching." Always the passive voice. What a wimp.

Meanwhile, he undercuts the protesters by making clear he is against regime change and will meet with the Holocaust-denying religious nuts who are slaughtering their own people, shake hands, negotiate.

I'm not saying he needs to take sides in the "election," which was a complete fraud. I just wish he wouldn't be so ridiculous as to "wait for the outcome of the investigation" into election fraud. The fraudsters are investigating the fraud - I think we all know what the outcome will be. The regime only allows certain people to run, prohibits international monitors, then rigs the outcome. Does everyone except 0bama know this?

L'Amerloque said...

Hello LAS !

Hi Rocket !

Yup, spot on. The whole question of individual rights in France worries Amerloque, too.

There was something the other day in one of the papers, apparently (according to one of Amerloque's offspring: Amerloque himself missed it ...), about how the French police were 'imitating' the British police ... by busting minors, taking a DNA swab, and keeping the DNA in an 'unofficial' database.

Timer have certainly changed, eh ? (sigh)


PS: It has been Amerloque's experience that when the French say 'secte', they mean 'cult'. Perhaps Amerloque has been hanging around with the wrong people ? (wide grin)

Mr. Excellent said...

Yeah, there's no way that Durbin acted on common sense when he got out of the market AT THE BOTTOM!

Chuck said...

Greg, good points all. You are forgetting though that Obama does not have the same concern for fair elections as you do.

Rocket said...

Hi Amerloque

Check this out concerning how the current President of France is taking over control of the media in France and how police power is being used to intimidate journalists.