Monday, June 15, 2009

Recommended Reading

No time to write anything yesterday, and Mustang may have stolen the Ask LA mailbag as a cruel joke.

So, here's
a thought-provoking piece by Andrew Breitbart, who many of you may not know is Orson Bean's son-in-law.

Read it, when you get time. It makes some interesting points.


Always On Watch said...

From the linked article:

"Why was it outrageous 'guilt by association' to connect Barack Obama to a domestic terrorist like Bill Ayers and an anti-Semite like [the Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr.], but it's perfectly mainstream to associate all conservatives with this nut job?" asked Jonah Goldberg, best-selling author of "Liberal Fascism" and a nationally syndicated columnist.

Or what about the countless terrorist attacks by unaffiliated Muslim groups or individual jihadists that the media explains away as isolated incidents? Somehow the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and its media defenders win the day with their collective cry: "Don't rush to judgment!"

Now, there's a good comeback to use.

I'll remember it the next time the topic of Von Brunn comes up.

HoosierArmyMom said...

AOW... great quote-comment. I see on the news this morning that left wing judge in Cali ruled that a convicted terrorist can now sue the government employee responsible for his detainment.

The common sense train has derailed in the State of Californication and the equivalent to the Salem Witch trials has begun for the Bush Administration. It doesn't get more insane than this. I think I need to move forward with the "Pirate Ship Plan".

Mustang said...

“Wherefore art thou, O’ slippery slope?”

Any citizen of the United States who is arrested, detained, or charged with violations of law, by any agency of state or federal authority is entitled to Constitutional protection no matter where on the planet they are arrested or detained. Any person, not a citizen who is arrested, detained, or charged within the territorial limits of the United States is likewise entitled to this protection. Mr. Woo, an attorney, probably knows this better than almost anyone does. So, if in fact Mr. Woo ordered, authorized, or allowed to happen any un-Constitutional federal behavior, then the law will hold him answerable for acts of commission or omission; nor will the federal government spend one dime to defend Mr. Woo, who is —as they say —on his own.

It would appear that the Al Qaeda handbook on terrorism is working quite well: "When arrested, use their constitution against them."

On the other hand, have you ever noticed that a enemy combatant who is killed on the battlefield is never subsequently released back into society from Gitmo? So we begin to wonder how long it will take federal police to figure out the corollary: a terrorist shot and killed resisting a federal warrant cannot later sue the government employee who arrested him.

Endnote: If anyone is a hard core bastard, it is Jose Padilla. He was retained in solitary confinement for three years on the alleged “dirty bomb” plot, subsequently released in 2006, and then in 2008 re-arrested for conspiring with Al Qaeda. He is presently serving a 17-year prison sentence. I do not believe that Mr. Padilla will learn much of anything about the virtues of good citizenship, but I can understand his anger. If your name is Padilla, the “gobmint” screws with you; if your name is Ayers, you get a professorship.

Z said...

Andrew's speaking up more and more and getting more and more press, a VERY GOOD THING.
He is a wonderful man with terrific,incredibly bright and dedicated conservative friends....sit tight; they're busy putting their money where their mouths are. Believe me.
And Orson and his wife....and many others, are helping.

Good stuff! Keep reading Breitbart! We need a thousand more like him, thanks, LA!

Anonymous said...

This is so typical of you Sunsett. First, ya get us used to your "Ask LA" series, then ya flake off and we loyal readers are left holding the bag.

What am I sposed to do about my book report now? Assbag.

An stop blam'in that mustang bastard for you being a tampon.

Your friend,
Eric Cartman