Tuesday, June 09, 2009

News In Brief (And The Usual Opinionated Commentary)

US Debt, Dollar Making China Nervous

Wait a minute, didn't Tim Terrific the Tax Cheat just go to China, and say they had confidence in us?

Now we have a discrepancy. Timmy says one thing, US Rep. Mark Kirk (R-IL) is saying another. Obama's team will not like this, look for them to dig up dirt on Kirk to divert attention from his claims.

California To Do Away With Welfare?

Yeah, right.

There will be riots in the streets of LA, SD, and SF, not to mention Oakland and Fresno. Crime will raise exponentially. Phoenix and Las Vegas will become the largest cities in the country. There are many people in California who know no other way of life.

WSJ: Media Falling For Obama Rhetoric

Say it isn't so.

I know the official start of summer isn't until the weekend after next. But the kids are now out of school, pools are open, summer festivals and activities are in full swing, and we still see no results from the stimulus package. That package was only designed to pay off political favors, nothing more.

Any of you that believe otherwise, I know of a mountain cabin in Central Florida at the base of Mt Dora, that you can buy for the right price.

Stay Issued In Chrysler Deal

I wonder why more actions like this haven't been taken, with all of the trashing of the US Constitution we have seen in the last five months. As we would expect, Chrysler is playing the fear card. They claim that delay will cause Fiat to back out.

I am no economic scholar, but it seems to me that Fiat is getting Chrysler for next to nothing. With that kind of factory pricing, I think they'll wait.


Mustang said...

I just want to say that unlike most people, I anticipated the likely result of China owning most of America’s debt and the lion’s share of our industrial resources. That’s why I invested quite heavily in Mr. Ah Shih Chop Stick Company. I went into the endeavor when stocks were resting just under five-cents a share, and now it’s up to about eight-cents and I feel like I’m riding the wave of economic recovery. This is why I have little sympathy for my countrymen who find themselves in financial distress; a little foresight goes a long way.

I think you’ve misread the story, Sunset. California isn't doing away with welfare; it has decided to do away with the expression, “fare thee well,” or the shortened version of saying goodbye, “Fare well.” Welfare will continue in CA as it always has, which is as I am sure you know, the second highest source monetary income revenue in Mexico. I think all of us can take just a little pride in that. I’m not sure the Canadians appreciate our bias, but life isn’t always fair.

Your third story, however, is a tad distressing. As you know, for years I’ve been concerned about noise pollution in our metropolitan areas. It is actually a more serious problem than global warming phenomenon and I’m surprised your friend Al Gore hasn’t noticed this (yet). You see, the louder our environment, the more damage to human hearing. So year after year, American manufacturers have made domestic automobiles with increasingly louder horns in order to compensate for our loss of hearing. Naturally, this is mandated by the Federal Auto Safety Commission, which is a government agency looking after your health and safety. You cannot visit a single city in America without hearing “HONK HONK HONK.”

Thus, the possibility of Fiat taking over Chrysler is good news for all Americans because I think “meef meef meef” will be a most-welcome change. I do believe we will realize a significant drop in the murder rates, too. So yes, I hope the deal goes through; it will be good for America's health, and it will put Italian-Americans back to work.

Anonymous said...

Mustang is so stupid. Doesn’t Mo Khadafi own 40% of Fiat? I swear, I don’t even no why I keep comin’ over here … this blog gets dummer by the day. So now we got one of them a-rabs owning part of America. I could do a better job runnin this country.

Eric Cartman

Anonymous said...

Cartman, you little bastard, wait until I see your mother.

You little puke, you owe me 50 push-ups for calling Lt. Col. Orville B. Mustang USMC stupid. Just because he likes to role-play like he is a communist heathen from time to time, doesn't mean he is stupid. Misguided and unsure of his political leanings maybe, but NOT STUPID.

Have I made myself clear, you twerp?

Gunnery Sgt. Kikken U. Asche USMC

Chuck said...

Coukld you imagine the streets when they try to do away with welfare

Z said...

Michigan dropped welfare; things have improved.
As for Californians looking for welfare and moving elsewhere? Couldn't be happier; they don't pay taxes, anyway.

I just don't get why people forget Californians voted against tax increases and gay marriage. Iowa voted for gay marriage, and WE're the Land of Fruits and Nuts?

As for Fiat...most people, I guess, don't understand FIAT itself has had horrid financial problems until only the last few years. They're also trying to buy Opel in Europe (which is BIG) and were ruled against.
Who suddenly is backing FIAT $$$? THAT is an important question.

Let me just add it felt so bizarre to have a SCOTUS judge vote against a business deal. I hear they've cleared the way now, but what a new world we live in.

LASunsett said...

//I just don't get why people forget Californians voted against tax increases and gay marriage. Iowa voted for gay marriage//

What a paradox, eh? You couldn't have written irony any better than this.

Anonymous said...

Once again, the nicest lady on the entire world wide web comes by to offer her observations, and Mr. Dripping Sarcasm jumps all over it with snide remarks about irony.

There is a special place in hell for you Sunsett ... bastard hell.


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