Monday, June 29, 2009

Recommended Reading

Still in a writing funk here, but I have been getting some reading in. Here is a good op-ed from the Wall Street journal on the Honduras situation.

The reason this coup went down is because the Honduran president was looking to institute the same opportunity Bro. Hugo has in Venezuela, the right to be president for life. Whereas Hugo had a tighter grip on the military in Caracas, Mr. Zelaya evidently did not.

This is why Hugo is rattling his sabers. If this coup succeeds, who is to say that Venezuela's military may not eventually turn on Chavez? These kinds of things like to follow the domino model, sometimes.

In any Latin American nation, democratic principles are so strained and tensed, it is the military that controls the country. Whoever they support is the one in power. They decide, not the people. If the people do decide, it is only because the military lets them decide.

So, give this a read when you get a minute and rest assured that this development in Honduras will be watched by other generals, in other countries down south.

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Anonymous said...

Oh no … Caudillos in South America? Coups de etate in South America? Say it isn’t so!

Well, lucky for us we have a president who is at least consistent.