Saturday, June 27, 2009

Another Blast From The Past

In the years I have been a music fan, music has evolved exponentially. This weekend, we take a look at some one hit wonders released ten years apart to make the case.

We can start off in 1974. The band is from Mobile Alabama, but spent the greater part of the 1970s making quality album rock in Macon Georgia, recording on Capricorn. I saw them once in 1975 or 76, I cannot really remember which.

One of the epic songs of the 70s, this tune reminds me of happier and more care-free days, a time when life seemed much simpler than it does today. I don't know who these people in the video were, but I think they bear out what I am trying to say. It certainly shows a happy time in their lives:

As the world transitioned, we left the laissez-faire 70s for higher tech at a faster pace. The eclectic 80s became a realization of many of the things we imagined, in the years leading up to the decade and the music was no exception.

I think this next song illustrates my point.

I had left Europe almost 4 years prior to the release of this tune, but I would bet the dance clubs were playing this one, quite often.

The transition from the 80s to the 90s was a bit more subtle, but I thought music took a darker turn in some respects. Some bands found themselves serving a market of depressed teens and young twenty-somethings. This was the birth of alternative/grunge era and it became harder to appreciate many of the newer sounds. Despite the Prozac generation's making a sharp turn toward more pensiveness and introspective reflections, there were still some very good artists who rose out of the despair.

Here is a one-hit wonder from 1994, with a happy beat and words that will not cause one to need group therapy to survive.



Anonymous said...

I saw them once in 1975 or 86, I cannot really remember which.

Some people comment continually about my friend Sunset’s memory loss. Of course, these derisive statements are hurtful to my friend, but in spite of this, he keeps moving happily forward, a man who unlike many has conquered almost all his demons.

Last week, Sunset called the Indianapolis Star to complain about not getting his Sunday Paper. He felt better after they explained that it was Saturday —and that went a long way to explain why no one was at church that day, also.

No doubt, some scurrilous bastard will show up sometime during the day and make note of the quoted statement, and they’ll probably make some asinine reference to ‘decades of drug use’, and other such tripe. And for some of these shady commenters, it isn’t even important that there is almost no truth whatsoever about any such allegations.

I would like to point out that if someone doesn’t have any short-term memory, then he cannot have any long-term memory either. And it isn’t that Sunset can’t recall information; he can —once he remembers where he filed it away. And unless you served in an artillery unit, don’t scoff. Besides, all of us have this problem from time to time. So, for the record, I’m here to defend my friend Sunset against anyone who takes pleasure from petty, stabbing, hurtful comments; shame on all you bastards.

Anonymous said...

Dead-eye Dick?

What the hell kind of crap are you posting here, Sunsett? I'm telling my Mom.

And Mustang--bite me.

Eric Cartman
SPE (Summer School Detention)

Z said...

Mustang, HILARIOUS! "no one was at church that day, also"...!

Sunsett..I had to smile also when I listened to the TOM's SO right out of a Europe dance club..a little fast for dancing, but they LOVE that stuff, you're so right.

I liked that last one and was surprised it was from 1994..too bad the band didn't do much more.