Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday Funnies

As a small child, I remember my parents watching Jack Benny. Being so young, I didn't always understand every joke. But skits like this still could still rub a kid's funny bone. The gentleman with Mr. Benny was Mel Blanc, the man behind the voices of Bugs Bunny and Looney Tunes character voices.

In this next skit, you may recognize the king of late night in his younger years:



Chuck said...

These were great LA. I'm too young to remember Jack Benny though I've seen clips. I grew up with Carson though (at least on Friday nights). Of course I got all of my education from Mel Blanc's loony toons.

Leslie said...

Oh how funny! It is so fun watching when the players can hardly keep a straight face in their acts too. I enjoy the old time comedians/performers. Thanks for the friday funny!

Z said...

Chuck. Nothing personal, but stop with the 'too young' stuff! *(smile)
I don't REALLY remember (much) but I do remember Benny on TV, or reruns (i hope!)
I'm with Leslie on the players cracking up; that's what made Carol Burnett's show SO much more wonderful. Chuck,you DO remember THAT, don't you? :-)

Thanks, LA...this is such good stuff. Comedy at its best.

Chuck said...

Z, I'm not that young, Jack Benny just goes a ways back. I assume you saw him in reruns ;) I loved Carol Burnett, it was a Saturday night tradiotion for us. Barely remember Red Skeleton. TV was funny then.

Leslie said...

Oh Carol Burnett! FUNNY! Yes, they were always cracking up in the middle of skits too!