Saturday, November 07, 2009

Another Blast From The Past

Traditionally, after the annual Halloween music post we make an attempt to soothe and mend the frazzled nerves that may have come undone, during the presentation the week before. So, here is a wholehearted attempt to introduce some musical benzodiazapines to reduce anxiety, while tackling some issues that may induce the anxiety in the first place. In other words, the music in this week's post is much more relaxing, while the words carry a much deeper meaning.

I have made no bones in past posts about my affinity for the music of Supertramp. Their works are the perfect blend of classical, jazz, and rock; they have created a distinct and unique sound that has yet to lose its luster. It is moving, soothing, and pensive work all wrapped into a neat little package. This week, we feature some great tunes from the 1974 release, Crime Of The Century.

Starting it off is a live cut that tells an interesting story about a young man who struggles with reconciling dreams and imaginations, with reality. It's simply called, Rudy:

Next we have a song that is lyrically, in some way, a cynical look at the education system. It appears to be written in a way that gives way too much responsibility to the educators. Even so, this is one one of my favorites, the musical composition is absolutely fantastic:

Next up, a song that describes a battle to overcome introversion. It is a song of hope and encouragement:

Finally, I must say that whoever blended this next song, with this video, did a good job. I am not sure they fully understand the implications and the meaning of the events that produced this montage of shots. But if put into the proper perspective, one can reap a rather poignant message from it and the song:



Anonymous said...

Yep. Another foreign band. I’ll be Sunsett even drives a Mini-cooper. What is it with this anti-American sentiment? Why can’t Sunsett listen to American music, like Bach.

Crap … I’m never coming over here again on Saturdays.

Your friend,

Eric Cartman

Anonymous said...


I am closing in on your location, I have you surrounded and cornered. There is nothing you can do, you are a generalized useless little puke and cannot outsmart me any longer.

I own you.

Surrender now or face the unpleasant consequences that come with platoon punishment.


Anonymous said...

Great selection.



Anonymous said...


Please turn your head when you cough during a hernia exam. It's the only proper thing to do.

Dwight D. Demento MD

Anonymous said...

Please cough in the crook of your arm --the proper way to keep from spreading the H1N1 virus, you heathen.

-K. Sebelius

Anonymous said...

//Please cough in the crook of your arm --the proper way to keep from spreading the H1N1 virus, you heathen.//

If you are having a hernia exam at the same time as having the H1N1, you are in a world of trouble. Don't be such a tampon, lady.

Eric Cartman