Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Veterans Day Wish

Today is Veterans Day, which is usually filled with some measure of celebration. Parades and other gatherings will take place across the country today, some will give speeches and many will hear them. Maybe there will be music, food, and something to drink as we remember those who served as protectors of the nation. And as always, I would exhort all who read this to thank a veteran if you know one. I know that the vast majority do appreciate it, even though many are quite humble about it.

But this year as we go about our day, I would like to ask that all who can, please stop if only for a moment. Stop and say a prayer for those who are grieving the loss of the 13 soldiers at Ft. Hood. This is not a day in which those families will feel like watching a parade, hearing a speech, or hearing music blaring from trumpets and other horns. They are mourning a significant loss in their lives and deserve to be in our thoughts and prayers.

Thanks to all who read PYY, and please have a safe day.


Leslie said...

Thank you Sunsett, for your service to we citizens and to our country. It is greatly appreciated.

You are so right, the families of the Ft. Hood victims and the families of those recently lost in the field...all need our prayers for comfort and strength during this time.

Thank you for the reminder.

Most sincerely,

LASunsett said...


It was my honor and my privilege to serve my country, as it was my father's before me. I was fortunate to serve in a period of peacetime thanks to those who paid the ultimate price, before me.

If I were young enough, I'd be right there applying my career skills to the men and women who need them in our armed forces today.

A.C. McCloud said...

Thank you LA, and for your perspective here.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Sunsett for stepping up to say, "I can ..." Whether you served during war or not, there was always that possibility and during the cold war, you served in one of the most volitile areas in the world.

I cannot remember a single training exercise when we did not lose a Marine to some unfortunate accident. Serving in uniform is going in harms way, whether in war or peace. The things we do are patently dangerous. I never expected to hear about the events at Fort Hood, however. The man who killed those soldiers was an enemy 'within.' He is not alone.

God bless you on this special day.

Semper Fi


LASunsett said...


As I said to Leslie, it really was an honor.


I know that my contribution was a positive one, as small and insignificant as it seemed at the time. The day i realized this was when the wall came down.

Thank you sir, for all you have done in your field of expertise.