Monday, November 09, 2009

Monday AM QB

Colts 20 - Texans 17

The Colts took every opportunity to give this one to Houston. The Texans had ample opportunity to take control of the game, but could not quite break through the self-imposed barriers that they have historically erected, when playing Indy. They seem to always, almost be there. But in this league, that won't count for much in January.

Penalties hurt Houston, some were uncalled for and are ominous signs that the team still is in the maturation process. But the thing that most people will remember is the missed FG and the very end that would have tied the game and sent it to overtime. It was a 42 yd attempt, after an earlier 56 yarder was good. That's the lind of clutch play a team needs to elevate them from mediocrity to being one of the elite teams.

Make no mistake on my take here, I am not happy with the play of the Colts.

They have some excuse on the defensive side of the ball. Some key players are out for the year, to include perennially hurt Bob Sanders. Even so, the offense has struggled for the last two weeks and they still have not played the toughest teams on the schedule yet.

Next week, Greg's Patriots come to town and it's beginning to look like he will have bragging rights for the season after next Sunday. And then........ depression will certainly set in.

In other NFL news from yesterday:

Falcons 31 - Skins 17

I do not want anymore complaints registered from across the pond, so I feel it is my ethical and moral responsibility to report that Washington lost another game. The neat thing is, no one can say they lost to a lousy team. Our condolences to Rocket and would ask that any further complaints be sent to Irwin R. Shuyster JD.

Bucs 38 - Packers 28

Anyone that still believes that Green Bay is the real deal, I'd like to hear your rationale. But congrats to Tampa Bay for finally winning a game. At this time last year, they had six of them. So much for needing a coaching change, right? Go team go.

Bengals 17 - Ravens 7

These guys are slipping in under the radar. Right now, they have a better team than the Colts. No head to head with them this year, but Indy does play Baltimore in two weeks. We'll see how that one goes after playing a streaking NE team.

Pats 27 - Dolphins 17

This is Greg's chance to fill us in on the particulars. Rest assured, I am picking NE to beat Indy next week. With my lifetime of watching the NFL, I am placing all pertinent data into my brain for analysis and this is the prediction that keeps coming out.

More than anything, I think it is an important test for both teams.

If either wants to send a message to the rest of the league, they can only make that statement with a win. A win in this kind of rivalry always sets the tone for seedings and psychological edges, later on in the playoffs. But, after the week is over, both will have to play another team so it will mean little until January.

Chargers 21 - Giants 20

I switched back and forth with the NO-Carolina game, and this one. Basically, the Giants are done. If they cannot beat SD at home, they cannot be successful in the playoffs. They may not even MAKE the playoffs.

But that's not the worst part.

The worst part is not having to say they lost to the punk Philip Rivers and his overrated team, it's having to admit that HE is the one who beat them on a last minute drive.

Saints 30 - Panthers 20
Carolina got out of the gate early. But as is becoming habit, the Saints came back strong in the latter part of the game and did what they needed to do .... to win it.


Greg said...

I watched:

Pats-Dolphins. Drives me insane to watch my team get beat repeatedly by the "wildcat." Jesus Christ. I'm glad we won, but it was kind of ugly, especially on defense.

NO-Carolina. Maybe NO isn't as good as their record. Almost lost to Dolphins and Panthers in consecutive weeks. I hope they are still undefeated when the Pats travel there in a couple of weeks.

NY-SD. The battle of the overrateds. Someone had to win.

GB-TB. Didn't see but the replays, and yeah, GB ain't good. They got steamrolled by a high-school team.

As for next week, I'm surprised by your defeatist attitude, LAS. Or is this just mental preparation to avoid a nervous breakdown? I'd be confident as a Colts fan b/c the Pats secondary is suspect. Indy will score its points. It's true that the Colts have had some key injuries on defense, but they really only have to play the pass. We don't have any RB's to be afraid of, w/ Fred Taylor and Sammie Morris injured. I could tackle Maroney. The Pats are going to have to play perfect to win, IMHO. Should be a fun game, either way.

LASunsett said...

//I'm surprised by your defeatist attitude, LAS. Or is this just mental preparation to avoid a nervous breakdown?//

I would call it it realism. The Colts have a banged up secondary as well and their offense has struggled the past two weeks. NE's defense may not be what it once was, but it's still not a pusover either.

Rocket said...


How did you deal with the Giants Chargers game? You hate both Rivers and Manning (Eli that is!) But I have a funny feeling you were satisfied with the outcome. N'est ce pas monsieur?

Skins in 2010 or beyond!

I've started a victory song for the Skins

Were rough! we're tough! let's bring back Sam Huff!

Greg said...

Rocket, dude, hard to root for either of those teams. Rivers is more of a prick than Manning, but Manning is more overrated. Plus, he stole the Pats SB when the refs inexplicably gave him extra time, so I really, really hate Eli badly. I just kept rooting for interceptions and sacks. They both struggled at times, which I enjoyed.