Monday, November 23, 2009

Monday AM QB

Colts 17 - Ravens 15

A very tough football game, this one wasn't decided until the last possession.

The most obvious reason to as why this game went the way it did was the Colts' red zone defense. Anytime a team can hold the opposition to FGs while scoring TDs, it makes it tough.

Put this with the late game interception, the late hit penalty that kept the ball in Indy's hands right after a loss, and Harbaugh calling a timeout and then immediately challenging a spot - which he lost - and it doesn't make for a good ending. That last stunt depleted their timeouts.

If that wasn't enough, on his way down to the ground, Ed Reed tried to lateral the ball forward on the final kickoff with seconds left and it was ruled a fumble. The Colts recovered it and took a knee to run the clock out.

I am always tickled to see the Colts beat Baltimore, because of the unforgiving nature of those fans who still hate the Colts for leaving their city a quarter of a century ago. I remember the hatred because Indy stole the Colts right out from underneath, but in true hypocritical fashion those same fans embraced the Ravens when Baltimore stole them from Cleveland.

It is nice to be undefeated, but I am not ecstatic about it. Because the longer a streak like this goes, the more pressure it puts on a team. From my point of view, I am ready for the team to get a loss and get it out of the way.

Vikings 35 - Seahawks 9

The old man just keeps on keeping on. Credit the entire Minnesota team for making it look easy for Favre. But we have to ask, could Tarvaris Jackson have this team 9-1 at this point in the season?

I doubt it.

Chiefs 27 - Steelers 24
Not sure about Ben's status after getting knocked out of the game in OT, but it was the Pittsburgh defense that lost this one. I don't know, maybe this is the beginning of the decline for the Steelers. It's very hard to repeat in this league, losing to the hapless Chiefs this late in the year doesn't send any messages to anyone, for the playoffs.

These are the only games I have time to comment on this weekend. Any omission of anyone's team is purely coincidental and it leaves an opening for my faithful NFL commenters (all 4 of them) to put more into their weekly comments. All rights reserved, no refunds.


Greg said...

Ravens flat out blew that game, like the Pats last week. I'm reminded of the time the Ravens basically blew it against the undefeated Pats 2 yrs ago and all you heard was "blueprint!" - people giving the losers credit for having found a way to beat the unbeaten, except they didn't actually do it. When are we going to hear "blueprint!" for teams almost beating the Saints and Colts? Never, b/c (1) it's just stupid line of discussion, and (2) when it comes to the Patriots, the story always has to be negative, but not for other teams. Hence, the weeklong analysis of "4th and 2." Hey, I guess I should be thankful we aren't talking about handshakes, camera angles and 'running up the score'. That's my rant for this week.

Eli sucks.

Tom said...

And your mileage may vary...

While I'm also pleased to see the Colts continue a perfect season, I can only hope that they do not become overconfident and blow a critical game, especially in any playoff game they would be in.

In other news, the Lions won (Gasp! The end of the world is coming!)

Rocket said...

No Skins - Cowboys commentary!

I didn't see the game counting on your expert commentary.

Thank you for remembering!

LASunsett said...


Until the Colts won the Super Bowl, the national media beat them up. Choke artists were the words and descriptive analysis used by Collinsworth and the other NFL pundits. So I know what you are talking about.

I didn't pay them any heed then, and wouldn't pay them any now if I were in your position. NE is best when no one takes them seriously and are still a very dangerous team that is capable of going all the way.

LASunsett said...

//I can only hope that they do not become overconfident and blow a critical game, especially in any playoff game they would be in.//

Historically, this is the very thing that has been the pin that pops their balloon. The year they won it all, was the year they had to play all the way through to include the wild card game. I don;t trust the Colts when they have 1st round byes, they get lazy.

LASunsett said...

//No Skins - Cowboys commentary!

I didn't see the game counting on your expert commentary.

I didn't see the game either. But here's what I know:

The Skins missed two FGs and gave up a TD drive late in the game. Had they made just ONE of the FGs, it would have been enough to win the game. But they didn't.

You really are into pain, aren't you?