Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Real And Modern Persecution

If you have ever wondered about how Islamic radicals respond when someone in their society who is not Muslim commits a heinous act, look no further than this AFP story.

Hundreds of Muslim protesters on Saturday burnt Christian-owned shops in southern Egypt and attacked a police station where they believed a Christian accused of raping a Muslim girl was being held, a police official said.

A Muslim man in the military shoots up an army installation killing innocent people, and the cry from all Muslims (moderate and otherwise) is to exercise caution and restraint. Here we have a Christian in Egypt who is being accused of a heinous crime. He is being held in jail, but evidently that's not good enough. Instead of hearing the same crowd calling for restraint in situations like this, we hear nothing.

This is the perfect moment, for those who claim moderation within the framework of what they call a "peaceful" religion, to take that very same step and call for their brothers to exercise restraint. This would be an optimal time to call a news conference and condemn this act of retaliation. But alas, there is nothing happening. They are silent.

Some may even seek to rationalize this violent reaction, in various ways. They may say these people are merely airing their grievances and that to deny these people a chance to do so is to suppress their rights as Muslims in a predominately Islamic country. To which I say, whatever.

There is a long history of Muslim suppression against other religions in regions where Muslims are a majority. Many have been driven out, forced to emigrate to other areas with more religious freedom and tolerance. But the Egyptian Coptic community has not.

Here is an excellent article to read on this community, read it when you get a moment. It's a story of perseverance and survival in the midst of a hate-filled and often times violent persecution. If after you read this and want to address someone who truly believes Muslims are being persecuted in this country, you can point them to this story.


Chuck said...

So if we follow their example we will go out and burn liquor stores and video stores? (Maybe this is a Michigan thing, it is a stereotype here that liquor and video stores are often owned my Middle Easterners)

The real issue here though is the respective governments. The governments in the ME tolerate this behavior, maybe even facilitate it IMHO. Our government does the same in reverse. Our government has made PC an official position. To Hell with the rest of us and to Hell with our safety.

Greg said...


Do you know how the Christians live in Cairo? In the garbage dump. No exaggeration - they live in the dump. Egypt is thinking about letting them build a church (they haven't been allowed one heretofore). It's to be built...in the dump.

Tom said...

Perhaps the Christians should start burning down the mosques...the Islamic radicals want a religious war, and that would do it.

Anonymous said...

I love how culture governs our perceptions. Muslims see themselves as engaged in a holy war. Christians and Jews do not share this view, of course; as far as they are concerned, it is only a war against radical Islam. And then liberals regard radical Islam as a bunch of people who are probably guilty of misdemeanors and who ought to have to do community service until they stop blowing up innocent people.

Now of course, Muslims can mutilate the genitalia of young girls, marry pre-pubescent girls, stone their women, and put their children to death because … well, the Qu’ran says that this is the authority of Muslim men. The Democratic reaction to this sort of thing is, “We understand.” Should miscreants of other religions do such things, they are criminals and their behavior justifies radical retribution.

This happens to fit very nicely into the double standard. What double standard? Why, this one. Personally, I think we should just go ahead and accept the Muslim take on this. Let’s just go with ‘a holy war.’ Let’s win it. Anyone who disagrees is guilty of giving aid and comfort to the enemy and we kill them too. In time, problem solved.


Chuck said...

Mustang, to be honest I've said in the past that if these people want a holy war, maybe we should give them one. It would wind up being a case of 'be careful of what you ask for...'

LASunsett said...

I can find very little to criticize in any of the responses to this post. My only stipulation is that it be carried like it should be, and done right.

I am tired of the liberals making this about understanding some culture of thinking that teaches their young, it is an acceptable objective to try and kill us. If we must fight them, we must fight to win and not allow the left to suck the military into a politically correct war.

It's either all or nothing. I bet if it were done the way it should be, it wouldn't last very long.