Monday, November 09, 2009

Some Reflections On The Ft. Hood Shooting

In the days that have followed the mass slaughter in Ft. Hood, a number of things have been revealed and reported. Many have spoken, many condemning the act but some have praised it as "the right thing to do". We have heard stories about the dead and the injured, along with their families. We have heard a detached President make a half-hearted attempt at a statement, after he gave several shout-outs at an American Indian conference. We have also heard him and many of the American Muslims warn against rushing to judgment, stating that people should not blame Islam.

From the Indy Star this past Saturday, we see what one leader in the local Muslim community had to say. We were also treated to two other articles on the subject, this one and this one.

In the midst of all this "so-called" condemnation, I cannot help but wonder about some things:

Are these people sincerely appalled at this senseless act of terrorism? Or are they simply afraid of the possibility of a backlash against them?

It's not enough to be sorry after the fact. After years of watching attack after attack on Americans, Israelis, Brits, Spaniards, and even other Muslims, we heard nothing from these people. Rockets are casually sent into Israel from Gaza and Lebanon and these people cannot bring themselves to say one damned thing. But now that there is a sense of anger as a direct result of this bastard's dirty deed, they suddenly have words to express their outrage. Personally, I think they are full of fecal material and believe they are scared of whatever may be coming their way.

Don't get me wrong here. Let me say that I DO NOT approve of retaliation of any kind against Muslims. (Repeat...DO NOT approve.) I do believe that there are some who really are not on the same page as this murderous coward, and the many who came before him. But how is anything like this ever going to be stopped from occurring, unless the people who claim to be members of "moderate Islam" have the guts to speak up for what is right here?

How about the next time someone hears a hate-filled speech in a mosque, someone has the courage to object and/or leave?

How about the next time someone hears anti-American rhetoric calling for the destruction of this nation, someone can exhibit the courage to report them?

How about the next time Hamas or Hezbollah kills innocent Jews, we hear the imams who are calling for calm right now, speak up and condemn it?

How about the next time the Taliban blows up innocent people in Pakistan or Afghanistan, we hear someone from these mosques hold a news conference and speak out for peace?

Maybe, just maybe, if these damned people would have been calling these kinds of acts what they really are instead of trying to justify them by mincing words and blaming the victims, this kind of thing could have been prevented back when the bastard was exhibiting his erratic behavior.

Instead, their endless complaints through CAIR and the ACLU made it difficult for people to act on these kinds of suspicions. They made people afraid to speak out and report their observations for fear they would be labeled a xenophobe and a racist. They couldn't investigate for fear that they would be sued and the media would be reporting it as some irrational fear and/or paranoia.

Until they do any of these things I have listed of their own free will and volition, I reserve the right to blame whoever the hell I want. And f I want to blame Islam, someone from Islam needs to prove me wrong.

Sunsett Out


A.C. McCloud said...

You've got the right..

Anonymous said...

What we are most likely to see are Muslim males between the ages of 17 and 60 committing wanton acts of murder. I have yet to see a Christian blow himself up in a crowded Muslim marketplace, and I have not seen a Christian soldier walk into a barracks and start shooting Muslims, Buddhists, or Hindus. The story of Major Nidal Hasan will completely unfold in its own good time. Whether the press or government (same thing, these days) will be forthright with us about government complicity is another matter. Whether anyone will grow the balls to say, “See … this is the product of political correctness” (other than this blogger and a few others like him) has yet to be seen.

We expect our government to recognize when there is something wrong, and correct it. We don’t care how uncomfortable that may be; we don’t care how embarrassed the government or its bureaucrats are. We call this accountability. Let’s hope that these high-ranking officials aren’t scrambling around trying to protect their own miserable asses (for a change).

Enabling a Muslim radical/criminal for no other reason than he is a Muslim is wrong on too many levels to mention here. The double standard, however, has gotten past the point of acceptability. Had a white soldier committed such offense against black soldiers, the nation would be in an uproar. Why isn’t the nation in an uproar now? Hasan will have his day in court; I project he’ll get at least two years confinement for what he did. Meanwhile, we should rise up and repudiate the political correctness that led to this disaster. We should return to a day when we had the balls to call it the way we see it.

Rant over …


Greg said...

It's certainly interesting how the talk at first was "don't jump to conclusions;" and now that we know that our suspicions were correct, the story is all about the "backlash against muslims." What the f are they talking about? There is not and never has been a "backlash" againt muslims. The proof is that a guy known to share the enemy's ideology was allowed to remain a member of our military! Islamophobia is a myth in this country.

Islamo-apologia, now that's a problem! Unless and until we are willing to recognize that there is a dangerous brand of islam out there; that it has adherents here in America, people living in our neighborhoods; that this brand of islam creates mass murder; that we have to kill the ideology to win the war - until we get that into our thick skulls, we will have no chance of defeating this enemy.

Greg said...

p.s., I want heads to roll over this stinking jihadi being allowed to remain a soldier. I want some people fired. A stern message needs to be sent, lest we fall back into the comfortable, ignorant and naive pre-9/11 mindset.

HoosierArmyMom said...

Well Sunsett, you seem to be asking the questions I have had for sometime. It seems no matter how many extremists murder school children, or blow themselves up in order to kill non-muslim citizens around the world... there is never any outrage expressed by local muslims. This is what enrages me. Not the fact that extremists exist within Islam, but the fact that non-violent Muslims never express outrage for the really screwed up things "the handful" do!!!!

And Mustang once again nails the situation, with this recent attack, on the head! PC is the weapon of choice our enemies have deployed against us.

L'Amerloque said...

Hi LAS !

“In times of universal deceit, telling the truth will be a revolutionary act."

(attributed to George Orwell)


LASunsett said...

Well said, all.