Friday, November 06, 2009

Nothing Funny Today

As most know by now, a senseless carnage took place at Fort Hood yesterday. As a result of this tragedy, I do not feel it to be appropriate to post a Friday Funnies today.

I have some thoughts about this incident, but I have been too short on time to organize them into a reasonably cogent post and there are just too many questions that have not been answered. One can only hope that the authorities are asking the same questions that are popping into our minds and will make those answers public at such time as it is appropriate. But with the current leadership in Washington being remiss in the vast majority of their duties, I have my doubts.

Rest assured, those in the blogosphere who seek and understand wholesale truths will be asking tough questions and demanding answers. PYY will be there, also.


Greg said...

Here's what we do know: he was posting on islamist websites; he sympathized with suicide bombers; he did not want to deploy to an active theater; he mowed down a bunch of US soldiers while yelling 'alahu akbar.'

Stinking jihadi. [spit]. I'm glad they got his sorry ass alive.

Greg said...

Jesus, listen to this....

Why do I get the feeling this guy oozed jihadi asshole, but people were too afraid of being called "racists" to take action?

Anonymous said...

That's the impression I get, also.


Chuck said...

There will be a lot of questions in the days to come. The FBI has been looking at this dude for at least 6 months. Maybe nothing to look, mybe they missed something, will take awhile to sort it out.