Monday, November 30, 2009

Monday AM QB

Colts 35 - Texans 27

Blueprint, blueprint, blueprint!!!! Only one problem, Houston didn't close out the game. So evidently this was not the right one.

All kidding towards Greg aside, this was the right game plan for Houston or anyone for that matter. But it has to be executed, without penalties and turnovers.

The Colts got their asses handed to them in the 1st half and by that fact alone, it was hard to believe that Houston could have blown it. But in true Houston form, they found a way to get to the line and still not cross it. They just cannot seem to get over the hump, when it counts the most.

With this win and Jacksonville's loss, the Colts clinch another AFC South Division title. But the Colts will need to be alert next week, when the rejuvenated Titans come to town.

Philadelphia 27 - Skins 24

I actually got to see a little of this while in the bar at Buffalo Wild Wings. Washington was actually ahead and looked like they could pull it out. I left before the game was over and this is the score I found, when I checked it out later.

Sorry, Rocket. Maybe Santa will be extra good to you this year, to compensate.

Vikings 36 - Bears 10

Bears looked good at first, then the old man and his team took charge. I think the Vikings are the best team in the NFL right now. They are solid at every position, the way NE was a few years ago.

Chargers 43 - Chiefs 14

Must be nice for the overrated Chargers to feel good about beating up on a pathetic team. I suppose the sports pundits will be singing their praises all week for it. But the fact remains that 5 of their 8 wins have come against losing teams. And the rest of their schedule looks pretty cushy except for the Bengals and Titans.

Titans 20 - Cardinals 17

Tennessee continues ti impress in its bid to return to normalcy. Who knows? If they can win out, they may just get a wild card spot.

New England at New Orleans
(Monday Night Football, 8:00PM EST)

Should be a very good game, the winner will be the one that does what they do best. That may mean the last team to score will win it.

It will be important for the defenses to play well when it matters most. Because it is not realistic that either defense can completely shut down the other offense.

While I cannot see NE losing another big game to another good team, the Saints will have home field. The thing that makes me lean toward NE most is Tom Brady. He has the experience in these types of games, while Brees is not used to this kind of success (despite the fact he is no rookie).

As I said, it will be a great game (one that will be on too late for me). Prediction: NE 30 - NO 28.


Saints 38 - Pats 17

I guess I was wrong. Maybe the Saints are the team that has been getting overlooked, in the mix of things. The media has been giving the Colts and the Vikings much of the attention. But meanwhile, the Saints have been racking up wins, and now they have soundly beaten one of the better teams of the decade.

I didn't watch the game, because my day starts earlier than most other people's and I need the rest for what I must do. But imagine my shock as I see the score and look at the stats.

First Downs were NE 23 and NO 18, but total net yards were NO 480 to NE's 366. That means the Saints were able to get the ball down the field better. The thing that stood out when I saw the box score: Brees 158.3/Int 0, Brady 55.0/Int 2. That was a shocker. I guess one must credit the NO defense for making the plays they needed to, when they needed to do it.

As far as going undefeated goes, the Saints still have to play all of their division rivals one more time. Atlanta is the best of that lot and will not roll over. Other than those games, the rest of their games include Dallas and Washington. Unless they rest their players, I see them as a one loss team.

As for the Pats, they should run the table on the rest of their games. None of the teams left on their schedule have a winning record, right now. If they do and get some help, they could still get a bye week when the playoffs start.


Greg said...

Blueprint, blueprint, blueprint!!!! Only one problem, Houston didn't close out the game. So evidently this was not the right one.

Excatly. There's no 'blueprint' until someone actually figures out how to win, and even then, it's a retarded line of analysis. The NFL is all about match-ups, and what one team can do, another can't necessarily duplicate. Also, unlike the Patriots of '07, the Colts are not going to try to go undefeated. Once they clinch home-field, you can bet the stars will sit out.

On tonight's game, I am not that optimistic. Where are the Pats better than the Saints? Offense? No. Defense? No. Maybe special teams??? Brady and the Pats do like the NFC, and they like the dome - especially that dome. That's what gives me a sliver of hope, and why I will stay up unreasonably late to watch....

LASunsett said...

//the Colts are not going to try to go undefeated.//

I sure hope not. You know how I feel about that. But if they keep winning, there will be pressure to attempt it. That's where the mistake is.

I don't expect the Colts to lay down and throw one. But I don't think a team is well served by going into the playoffs undefeated.

//Where are the Pats better than the Saints? //

Intangibles. I think NE had played tougher opponents than NO, so stats don't mean much when you put them into some relative perspective.

Greg said...

Let's face facts, the Patriots aren't very good. They haven't won on the road, and they can't stop any good offense. I would say it's done for them, but in the NFL, you never know. Arizona made it to the SB last year, so, I guess I'll keep wathcing.

LASunsett said...

//I would say it's done for them, but in the NFL, you never know. Arizona made it to the SB last year, so, I guess I'll keep wathcing.//

I think the same thing about the Colts. I doubt they could beat either Minn or NO. They probably won't be able to get past NE or the overrated Chargers, to make it to play either one of them.

But I am still going to watch them and hope they can pull one out of their ass. That's what fans do.

Out of 40+ years of being an NFL fan, only 4 years has my team won the big one. 3 Oak, 1 Indy. I suspect I will still watch until I can no longer breathe the air on this earth.

A.C. McCloud said...

The buzz around Nashville is that Fisher didn't make the decision to lift Collins, the owner did. Awkward, eh?

LASunsett said...

//The buzz around Nashville is that Fisher didn't make the decision to lift Collins, the owner did.//

That's been the buzz all over. Can't say that I blame either party.

If Fisher is guilty of anything, it's being loyal to a fault, too loyal to get the job done. But business is business. It definitely wasn't proving to be the right call on the field.

Plus, the owner was tired of shelling out a huge chunk of money to a man sitting on the bench. And since Collins was losing, he might as well gamble and give the guy one more shot, before deciding on whether he needed to have a fire sale..

I have to say something about Young. Credit him for keeping his mouth shut and not making waves last year, when Collins was riding high. He stayed out of the fray, got his act together, and has made the most of this second chance. He didn't scream, cry, or whine (at least not as far as I know of). He didn't make a public spectacle or begged to be traded.

Greg said...

Vince Young has definitely earned my respect. He seems to have grown up and is performing at a very high level. Pretty crappy of the owner, though, to publicly embarrass the head coach. I mean, is he pissed at Fisher; going to fire him?