Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Big News: Tom Gets Fired?

Over the last few days, the news agencies have been preoccupied with a 10 year old murder of a child and the man that says he did it. When it first broke last week, I saw it as news. It still is, but I am not so sure it is worthy of being the lead story on most newscasts (like it has been the last several days).

Well today, I got my wish. It's not.

Today (after a brief flirtation with the Iran story yesterday), the big story on Drudge is not Jon Benet, not Iran, and not, whether or not the cease-fire will hold.
It's Tom Cruise being released by Paramount. And to that, I say, who in the hell cares?

Don't get me wrong here, entertainment news is big news to some people. That's why they have gossip shows like ET and IE. They can give these entertainment news junkies all of the news and information the want and crave, without stinking up the regular news too much. Because at the end of the day, that stuff is just not important. If all anyone has to worry about is whether or not a millionaire has a job, then more power to them.

If you see the current Drudge headlines, you see complete coverage like it's a story of world importance. In previous weeks, the lead story with complete coverage in the upper left corner was the Hezbollah-Israeli war, and justifiably so. The fallout from this event could have had serious, if not grave, consequences for the entire world.

But Tom gets fired by Paramount, for odd behavior? For costing them money, after he has made them tons of money in the past? I do not give a rat's derriere. Do you?

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