Saturday, August 26, 2006

Weekend Housekeeping

Some of you may notice that one of my former blogroll links is missing. Pedro at the Quietist has shut down his blog and in his place is a new site that I am not interested in keeping. So, I am de-linking the "new" Quietist. There is nothing wrong with poetry, but it does not blend well with what I am trying to do, here,

But with that, comes some new links that I have found worth adding. I have watched the Beak's site, over time. I have found it to be most original, very unique, and exceptionally genuine. So, let me welcome
The Beak Speaks to the PYY blogroll.

As a general rule, I am not into shameless promotion. I rarely will promote my own work. But others from time to time have linked to me, without my mention of said event.

One such site is The Daou Report blog from Salon Magazine. They are considered a liberal site, but the blog does a good job of presenting posts from both sides of the political spectrum, and on several occasions, they have linked to PYY. I am not usually into reciprocal links, but in this case, I am adding them to my blogroll to show my appreciation.

So a big welcome goes to, Beak and the Daou Report for what I consider blog excellence. Thanks go to all of my readers, I encourage all of you to visit these sites.

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