Saturday, August 12, 2006

A Weekend Thought

I left this thought over at G's In The Middle Of America, but I thought it was too good to not share here. (I left it at this post.)

Cynthia McKinney lost her Democratic primary runoff against Hank Johnson, who is now the nominee and is in good position to win in the fall election. And that kind of has me a bit disappointed. I was hoping she would win.

You see I have had a saying for years that is most applicable, in this case:

Nobody is ever completely worthless. At very least, they can serve as a bad example.-Author Unknown


Anonymous said...

The correct phrase (from southern politics) is: "Ain't nobody so useless they can't at least be used as a bad example." This is from the same guy who said: "Even a dog knows the difference between being tripped over and being kicked."

Shah Alexander said...

As to the election in 2006 and 2008. I can say this.

Can Democrats show feasible ideas, and choose good candidates?

Today, from the Peace Memorial Park, Hiroshima

Always On Watch said...

Shah said, Can Democrats show feasible ideas, and choose good candidates?

IMO, no. But many lifelong Democrats will continue to vote the party line.

G_in_AL said...

this is balence between Dem idiot ideas of loosing Lieberman, but great wisdom in dropping McKinney.... btw, I've heard that lately she's associated herself with the Nation of Islam... Farrakhan buddy!