Friday, August 04, 2006

Some Iranian History To Ponder

Time management being what it is at this point in time, I haven't been able to do what I would like.

But, one thing I have been able to do was read this piece, by Dr. R.J. Rummel a Professor Emeritus in Poli-Sci. I have been reading his blog for some time now and am impressed with some of his writings. He has a blog entitled, Democratic Peace. I would recommend giving him a look sometime, if you want to learn more about political theory and its practical applications. He does a remarkable job of tying it all into to events in history, as well as current events.

In fact, I have enjoyed some of his work so much, I am blogrolling him.

As for the essay, Dr. Rummel relates some interesting points about the installation of the Shah as ruler of Iran, in 1953. You know the one, it's the same one that the CIA helped overthrow a stable democracy.

Well, read the article and see just how stable the democracy really was. I will say this much, this is one of the times that it was in the best interests of the free world to have the Shah in power, as well as the best interests of the Iranian people.

To understand how we got to this point in time with Iran, you have to understand the history. Since the Shah was deposed, Islamic terrorism has escalated at a rapid rate and is getting faster. Today jihad is being waged, but not all people recognize it. Need I say that the "so-called" statesmen of this world (and I mean that loosely, because I can find very few statesmen, anywhere) need to get serious and quit playing into the hands of the jihadists? Somebody needs to make some moves here. Iran needs to stand down and the world needs to make them do it. Nothing less will work.

Hat Tip: To Jason at Liberty and Culture, who turned me on to this site a good while back and pointed out this particular piece.

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