Friday, August 11, 2006

How Was The Dastardly Plot Discovered?

From Time comes this story about how the plot to blow up trans-Atlantic flights was discovered.

In the two or three days before the arrests, the cell was going operational, and authorities were pressed into action. MI5 and Scotland Yard agents tracked the plotters from the ground, while a knowledgeable American official says U.S. intelligence provided London authorities with intercepts of the group's communications.

(Emphasis is mine)

Can you now see why it is of the utmost importance for Homeland Security agencies to have the ability to listen in, on suspected al-Qaida operatives?

Did they listen to your conversations to get this information? Do they care what you are having for dinner tonight or that you suspect that your spouse may be cheating on you?

No. They do not have time for that. So to keep making highly exaggerated claims that your privacy is being violated, is not only silly, it is highly counter-productive.

It's easy to sit back and live in a theoretical world, while ignoring the realities that exist. It's also easy to become critical, when you do not understand the full scope of what keeping you safe entails.

But to see the realities as I see them, means you need to have the ability to understand all of the nuances of how this death cult operates. You have to work hard to prevent, rather than wait for an event to occur and react to it. And to tie the hands that are diligently seeking to prevent, will only mean more plots like this one will slip through unnoticed, until it is way too late.

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