Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Air America Offers To Host GOP Debate

Last Friday evening, I posted a piece about the Nevada Democratic Party's decision to scrap an upcoming debate because the major candidates were not going to participate. The reason? It was to be hosted by FOX News (FNC).

Today, we are being told that Air America (AA) is offering to host a debate between the GOP candidates.

Tweaking the Fox News Channel, the president of liberal Air America Radio this morning sent a letter to the chairmen of four state Republican parties, offering to host and broadcast the state parties' upcoming presidential debates.

Agreeing to the debate “would allow Republicans to differentiate themselves from Democrats,” Air America President Mark Green wrote to the Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire, and South Carolina Republican chairmen in a deadpan communication provided this morning to The Politico.

In the interest of fairness (something I often get accused of not being), it my opinion they should do it. However, it is very important to note that I do NOT say this just to be perceived as fair. I say it because it is my sincere belief they should.

Many on the Right will say that it could be a gimmick. Or it might be a trap, which is being laid for the specific purpose of blind-siding the candidates. And who knows? They could be right.

I doubt I should need to point out, there is marked difference between AA and FNC. It is one that goes way beyond the ideology and biases. In my opinion, FNC is far more credible than AA. For that matter and with a few exceptions, the vast majority of the MSM news outlets are more far more credible than AA, as well.

But be that as it may, here's why I think they should do it:

1. It - like Mr. Green says - would differentiate them from the Democrats.

2. If it is a trap, it would give people a chance to see once and for all that AA is not a credible source of news and information.

3. It will demonstrate clearly that those in the GOP have enough security in their own belief systems, they will not be afraid to confront the often times outlandish accusations, brought forth by the left-wing fringe of the Democratic Party.

Make no mistake here, I do not hold out much hope this will happen. But if it does, the ball goes back to the Dems' court. It will then, be up to them to face the music. It will, then, be up to them to demonstrate their courage and their security, in their own belief systems. If the GOP refuses and they continue to criticize the Dems for backing out of the FNC-hosted debate, then the hypocritical label of the day belongs to them.


Anonymous said...

The big difference between AA and FNC (aside from AA actually doing rigorous fact checking before reporting like any other serious media organization) is that AA doesn't claim to be a news channel, but a political opinion channel. FNC is not news, not fair and not balanced. AA is not balanced nor does it claim to be, but it is fair and its reporting is fact-based. If FNC would come out and acknowledge that they're a political opinion channel rather than pretending to be "fair and balanced" news it might help them regain some of the respect they've lost over the past years as credible media outlet.
-Armand C.

Greg said...

My criticism of Fox is simply that it is embarrassingly unprofessional. They are as fair and balanced as, say, ABC or CNN, which is to say not much. But they are no more biased than the left wing news outlets.

On the issue of AA hosting the debate, why shouldn't the Republicans do it? Gimmick or not, it shows they can handle tough challenging questions, which are the ones the voters want asked. Challenge a liberal's ideas and you are likely to be branded ignorant or bigoted.

LASunsett said...

Hi Armand,

Welcome to PYY.

//FNC is not news, not fair and not balanced.//

Can you name one news channel that is? Because if what you are saying is true, there are no news channels. All are biased. I watched Blitzer this evening, for a little while and it was very tilted towards the left, as it usually is.

LASunsett said...


//My criticism of Fox is simply that it is embarrassingly unprofessional.//

I think there are shows that are good and some not so good. I like Hume's show, it seems to have some measure of class and integrity.

Always On Watch Two said...

Off topic....Mustang has a new post.

All_I_Can_Stands said...

The GOP candidates should go for it. Answering tough questions is an opportunity to shine AND make the questioner look like cr*p.