Saturday, March 24, 2007

British Sailors Become Hostages Held By Iran

The Islamic Republic Of Iran is no stranger to hostage situations, just ask Jimmy Carter. Under his watch and very soon after the 1979 takeover by Ayatollah Khomeini, Iran found itself seizing and holding people against their will. I guess it was their unique way of saying to the world: Hello, we're here.

Well, that was then. This was today.

Britain’s crisis with Iran deepened last night after Tehran justified seizing 15 British servicemen by claiming that they had strayed into Iranian territorial waters “illegally”.

The claim in 79 was the U.S. Embassy was a nest of spies. That action then and the one today was/is designed to divert attention away from their own misdeeds. By creating a smokescreen, it directs attention away from the issue at hand, which is the UNSC sanctions that are currently being discussed and proposed. And as slow as the process seems to be going to the average non-bureaucratic mind, I would guess they are nearer to an agreement and Iran is hoping to gain some ill-gotten leverage that didn't have before this incident.

The incident occurred mid-morning when a boarding party left HMS Cornwall, the flagship of the multinational task force in the northern Gulf, in two small craft to inspect an Iranian merchant ship.

When the inspection was completed the British were surrounded by six larger vessels from a Revolutionary Guards naval unit.

It kind of makes you wonder if there wasn't something just a little sensitive on that ship, doesn't it? Maybe it was that, or, they were deliberately wanting to provoke an incident. It's not openly apparent either way right now. But whatever the case, know that Iran is not new to these kinds of situations. In addition to the 79 embassy takeover, they have been involved in another hostage situation with the Brits.

So? Can anyone really say they are shocked on this one and still keep a straight face?

UPDATE: British sailors admit being in Iranian waters.

Fifteen British Sailors and marines detained off Iraq by the Iranian navy have admitted illegally entering Iranian waters, senior Iranian commander General Alireza Afshar said Saturday.

"They are currently being questioned and have admitted to violating the territorial waters of the Islamic repubic," Afshar, the official spokesman of the army chief of staff, told the semi-official Fars news agency.

So says Iran. But I wouldn't say they are the most credible of sources. As for me, I'll wait to see what they say when they are released.


All_I_Can_Stands said...

So will Rosie O'Donnell jump up and down claiming that the sailors were tortured by the Iranians and that is why the said they were in Iranian waters. Not holding my breath.

A.C. McCloud said...

The hypocrisy potential here is rather rich, eh AICS? Wonder if Ramsey Clark and Jesse Jackson have purchased their airline tix yet? Wonder if Reuters is contracting a special phototographer to make the hostages look roughed up?

Kidding aside, the Counterterrorism Blog thinks Iran is trying to wait out Bush and Blair, whose effectiveness are strained at the moment. Does that make the situation more dangerous? I think it might.

LASunsett said...


//Not holding my breath.//

So help me, if you do that and pass out on me, I kid you not I will make AC do the mouth-to-mouth.


LASunsett said...


//The hypocrisy potential here is rather rich, eh AICS? Wonder if Ramsey Clark and Jesse Jackson have purchased their airline tix yet?//

No need to worry, the peaceful sovereign state, known throughout the world as the Islamic Republic of Iran, would never hold hostages. They are guests of the state while they complete their investigation into the criminal wrongs committed against them by the evil, infidel capitalist nation, known as Great Britain. They have good Iranian attorneys that will vigorously fight to preserve their rights.

Once the investigation is completed, the trials can begin. Then, the sentences can me pronounced, justly and fairly. Unless of course the evil GB bows to the will of the Islamic Republic of Iran which is promoting peace everywhere (except for Israelis, Americans, and anyone else that likes either one). In which case the glorious Islamic Republic of Iran will forgive their iniquities and release the evil-doers.


USpace said...

Poor sailors, Iran wants war...

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
kidnap some sailors

trump up some charges
distract the world buy more time