Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Sharpton Withholds Support For Now

Here is the story.

With the race for the Democratic presidential nomination already in high gear, the Reverend Al Sharpton jumped into the fray today with some tough criticism for Senator Barack Obama. The outspoken reverend offered the harsh comments to Obama just as he looked to build support for his candidacy in the black community.

Interestingly enough, there has been some slow but steady momentum being built by the Obama camp, in recent weeks. But some of this may be significant and much of this could be coming to a halt soon. Obama's support may not end up coming from those he expects it to come from. But one thing we must consider here is, Al lives in New York and New York should go Hillary anyway. So, this may not be as big of a loss as some may think, at least vote-wise.

But more than anything, I think the Obama people really had counted on Al for fund-raising purposes. And that has to hurt, at this stage of the process. Much of how this plays out will depend on what is being promised, and by whom. Al wants to drive the train, here. But the question will be, will Obama give in or will he stick by his guns. If he holds firm and Al supports Hillary over him, this may be a sign that the wedge is going deeper into the party.

Could be, could be not. Time will tell, soon enough.


Greg said...

I can't imagine that Sharpton's support is all the important. Even in the black community, he's not exactly a Ronald Reagan-type who commands respect and admiration.

What's interesting about the story is how bitter Sharpton is about Obama. So jealous! Maybe instead of sulking, he could take a lesson from Obama.

LASunsett said...

Good points Greg.

I think he is influential in the NYC area. Like I said though, that is Hillary country. But what a coup that would have been to get his support early, in Hillary's own backyard.

I, personally, would not lend much credibility to Brother Al. The Tuwanna Brawley affair forever tarnished his image, and his credibility. But you know partisans, and how easily they forget such things.