Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The PYY Depraved Bastard Of The Week

This week's award goes to Eric Johnson, formerly of Bedford, Indiana.

But he will not be able to to collect the honor, because the depraved bastard is dead. He flew his plane with his 8-year old daughter aboard into his ex-mother-in-law's house, killing himself and his daughter. It appears this is one of those cases where daddy didn't get custody and wanted mommy to pay.

Read about it here in the Indy Star.

Here is an updated story, after more information was learned.

And, for all of you fathers that do not get custody, it's not the end of the world. I didn't get custody of my kids either, many years ago. But I damn sure would not have killed them or anyone else, over it.

Meet the runner-up to the winner. He is the Superintendent of a local school district, in the Indianapolis metro area.


Greg said...

There are so many of them. Have you considered this piece of sh*t for the award?


LASunsett said...


Yesirree bob. That's one depraved bastard too. They come a dollar a dozen (used to be a dime a dozen, but did not want to date myself).

Mary Ellen said...

LA and Greg

Those stories made me feel like we are beginning to lose touch with humanity in this world. It just makes me sick.

Greg said...

Add this slug to our growing list. Thankfully, he's sure to spend the rest of his life in prison.


LASunsett said...


//Add this slug to our growing list.//

As well as the people that let him stay with them, knowing he was a convicted child molester and that they lived next door to a little girl.

Either they were rotten people or they were so dumb, they thought asphalt was a butt disease.

LASunsett said...

Here is a case that qualified the assailant for this award, when I lived in Terre Haute, almost 20 years ago. But I didn't have a blog then, therefore there was no award except in the chambers of my mind. In fact, Al Gore still hadn't invented the internet, yet.