Saturday, March 31, 2007

Sadr Calls For U.S. Withdrawal

From the IHT comes this story.

Shiite religious leaders delivered a searing message from the radical Shiite cleric Moktada al-Sadr at Friday prayers condemning the American presence in Iraq, while militiamen loyal to Sadr fought Iraqi Army soldiers in southwestern Baghdad, suggesting a resurgence of organized Shiite militia activity.

That's nice.

I have a better idea that will facilitate Mr. Sadr's request, much faster. How about this?

"PYY condemns the actions of the all of the miltias currently operating in Iraq. Furthermore we call for Mr. al- Sadr and all of his followers, as well as the Sunni fighters, to report to their local police headquarters, drop their weapons, lay flat on the ground with their hands in behind their head and their fingers interlocked. Maybe with the marked increase in workload you may want to make appointments."

Call ahead, we'll arrest you when you get here?

How's that for marketing?

Anyway, if the criminal elements of both sides were to stop the violence, there would be no need to stay. Would there? Hence, withdrawal could begin. But as per usual, there's this religious, zealotry-driven, machismo kind of thing that incites these people to do things like place kids in suicide attack cars, just to kill infidels and each other.

And as we all know, they can be pretty stubborn sometimes.


Greg said...

Sadr thinks we all won't notice that the shia-controlled gov't has asked the coalition troops to stay and continue sacrificing for the good of Iraq. Even his buddies have had enough of him and suggested he leave town if he wanted to live.

And I read recently that Sunni tribes are turning against the group of psychopaths that are primarily responsible for the bloodshed in Iraq: al Qaeda. Check out for some good stories on that subject.

I'm telling you there is a bright future possible for Iraq. It does not include the racist islamonazi Sadr.

A.C. McCloud said...

I question the timing. Isn't Al Sadr hiding in Iran?

LASunsett said...


//I'm telling you there is a bright future possible for Iraq.//

All they have to do is look to the north and see how the Kurds have built a decent society and a thriving economy. How much further do they have to look to find a bright and shining example?

LASunsett said...


//I question the timing. Isn't Al Sadr hiding in Iran?//

That's a good point, worthy of some consideration. I just haven't had time to think it out, right now.

I know Sadr is in Iran and has been since before the "surge" began. There is a definite link between his group and the peace-loving, Islamic Republic of Iran. Did you notice that they have the same eyes?


Shah Alexander said...

In any case, insurgents rarely win, according to Insuegents Rarely Win in Foreign Policy. Whether Sadr or Sunni, they should understand this.

As to Iraq, a "trackbak" for you.

Mr. Gore, Speak out on Iraq

LASunsett said...

Thanks Shah.

Off topic--Have they caught that suspect in the murder of the british English teacher yet?

Shah Alexander said...

The suspect has not been caught yet. It is quite strange that 6 to 7 policemen missed 1 suspect. He could have plunged into the water to commit suicide. I don't know.

I hope this "stalker" will be arrested alive. Otherwise, people will understand nothing about this case.