Monday, October 15, 2007

Monday Morning Quarterback

The Super Bowl Champion Colts had a bye this weekend and used some much needed time to heal some injuries. When you are the champs, you play the toughest schedule and everyone brings their "A-game".

The most competitive game I was able to see yesterday was the Tennessee-Tampa Bay matchup. It was the kind of game I like: smash mouth hitting, low scoring, with emphasis on defense. Tampa Bay's last minute field goal was the difference in a game that could've gone either way.

But, the big game yesterday was the NE Pats - Dallas Cowboys.

The Cowboys showed some heart, but also showed they have some work to do before they can break into that elite upper tier of NFL aristocracy. NE's offense has way too many weapons for the average defense. And although the Pats running game was limited to 75 yards rushing for the entire game, they used a West Coast style offense almost flawlessly.

If NE showed any weakness at all it was on defense, but not much. There were some opportunities for Dallas to score more, but inexperience and lousy play calling was evident in some key situations. Wade Phillips has never impressed me as the kind of coach that can exploit match-ups in big games, very well.

While Chris Collinsworth and other NFL pundits are ready to anoint the Patriots as Super Bowl Champs this year and calling them the best team of all time, they still have Indianapolis looming on the horizon. The Colts and Pats are almost mirror images of one another. Both have a high powered offense that can be compared to a racking machine. Both have efficient defenses that bend but do not break and can make key plays at critical points of a game. They both seem to be on a collision course with each other.

Before any team can win the Super Bowl, they will have to beat one of these two teams that are in this class, all by themselves. And if you ask me, as Colts fan, I do not mind Chris Collinsworth spouting off how the Patriots are the best team ever in the history of the NFL. Besides the fact that there were a number of teams that I think would take some exception to this analysis, there is one team they must get through to even lay a reasonable claim to this kind of subjective accolade. This kind of talk will only serve to motivate the Colts even more and remove attention from them. (Which is a good thing.)

Meanwhile, the Pats will continue their powder puff schedule next week against winless Miami, while the Colts will have the hard-hitting, bruise-making Jacksonville Jaguars.


Rocket said...

I saw Dallas got wiped. GOOD! I watched the first half but went to bed after that as I should not pay any kind of tribute to Dallas by staying up late sacrificing my sleep for that team.

All I can say is Die Cowboys Die! Go Redskins!

PS - Did Grossman get replaced as Bears starting QB?

PS - Also watched the Rugby match between SA and Argentina yesterday trying for the first time in my life to figure out how that sport works.

LASunsett said...


//I saw Dallas got wiped. GOOD!//

Ah, the natural enemy of a Redskin fan is the Dallas Cowboys. Well the natural enemy of a Colts fan is the New England Patriots. Not that I like the Cowboys much, mind you, we just hate the Pats worse (hi Greg).

//Did Grossman get replaced as Bears starting QB?//

Yes, by Brian Griese. Still hasn't helped them much though. They beat the Packers last weekend, but somehow managed to get beat by the lowly Vikings this weekend. Go figure.

As for Rugby, I never have understood the game and likely never will. It's gaining popularity here, but not enough to telecast the games. Rugby clubs are popping up everywhere.

Greg said...

I don't see how you can fault the Patriots, or deny their unbelievable greatness, b/c you think their schedule is easy.

I mean, Dallas was no slouch. And they are still beating everyone by 3 TD's - what more do you want? The schedule-makers sure did the Colts a favor by giving them their bye right before the Pats game (the Pats get theirs right after the Colts game). Plus, since the Colts-Pats matchup is on Monday night, the Colts get an extra day off to prepare. It's all a wash in the end.

Anyway, before you get too excited about the November game - remember that the Patriots just dismantled the NFC's best team without it's 1st string running back (and w/o the 2nd stringer for the 2nd half). Also, there were 2 starting offensive linemen out. And Richard Seymour was out. And they still made tons of mistakes and left points on the field. It's utterly frightening how good they are. And they are getting better every week.

Anyway, I know how you feel, hating the Patriots. I used to feel that way about the Yankees - I mean, genuine hatred. But winning in 2004 changed everything. You won the SB - time to lose the inferiorty complex!

Greg said...

BTW, I just looked at the Pats non-divisional opponents for this year, and they drew:


Colts drew as follows:


Sure looks to me like the Pats' schedule is tougher outside of division. At least even.

Greg said...

Wade Phillips has never impressed me as the kind of coach that can exploit match-ups in big games, very well.

His most impressive move was jumping and hooting on the sidelines, like a cheerleader, after a 1st quarter sack/fumble/TD. LOL.

His second most impressive move was going for the FG, inside the 5 yard line, down by 17 points, with about 10 minutes left in the game. (Duh - yer still down by 2 TD's, Coach!)

LASunsett said...


//I know how you feel, hating the Patriots. I used to feel that way about the Yankees - I mean, genuine hatred.//

I don't hate them as people. I call it a football hatred, much like I feel for the 49ers and the Steelers. I have a respect for them, they are a good team. But, I do not, will not, root for them.

//You won the SB - time to lose the inferiorty complex!//

It's not an inferiority complex. I just get sick of writing stuff about America haters and the subverters of her cause. A little sports trash talk frees my soul and brings me back to peace and harmony with Mother Earth. ;)