Monday, October 01, 2007

News In Brief (And The Usual Opinionated Commentary)

Evangelicals Consider Third Party Effort For 2008

According to the article, they are not happy with the prospect that Rudy Giuliani, a pro-choice Republican, may be the party's nominee. So, they'd rather split the party which will virtually guarantee a Democratic victory, next year.

Despite the fact that the party will be hurt in the short term, it could be a good thing for the long-term. After all the theocrats get their own party, many people that have left the GOP because they believe in the separation of church and state, will be able to return without fear of the zealots hijacking the party, any further.

There are many people that believe in limited government, free market capitalism, and the right to gun ownership, who not want the influence of any kind of religion infused into the platform. They believe that the freedom of religion should not be infringed on, but they do not want any religion to reign supreme, believing it should be a private affair.

Report: Thousands Massacred In Burma

I am sure there are many more than we will ever know about. But, as long as China and India remain silent, this will continue. We all know that the UN is powerless, they have been irrelevant for years now. Only those closest to Burma can exert any influence, but as long as Burma has the natural resources necessary for fledgling economies to grow, the only thing we will hear from India and China will be Asian crickets chirping.

Dems Attack Limbaugh

I don't know the specifics on this case, and quite frankly, I do not care. I do not listen to Limbaugh, I am not a fan. But the thing I find ironic in all of this is, many of the Netroots, Kos Kids, and MoveOn Dems have been quick to jump on the Murtha and Kerry bandwagon smearing our troops as terrorists and cold-blooded killers of civilians. But now, they are greatly offended that Limbaugh makes some kind of statement?

Give me a damned break here. This is the ultimate hypocrisy if there ever was one and shows just what kind of real values they have.


Greg said...

I'm more or less pro-choice and not religious at all, and even I don't care much for Giuliani. I can't quite put my finger on it, but he definitely doesn't inspire me.

Anyway, regarding Limbaugh, I wish people would just leave the soldiers and sailors out of it. Many support the war effort; many are opposed to it, and still do their jobs anyway. They don't make the policy or impose the rules of engagement.

Here's what Kerry said about them a while back.

Murtha calls them cold-blooded killers and declares them guilty before the charges are dropped.

Daily Kos says about the troops: "screw them".

But Limbaugh's a prick too, if he said what the article reports. If soldiers with anti-war opinions are a genuine problem, I'm sure their fellow soldiers don't need Limbaugh's help to rectify the issue.

Greg said...

I just went to Limbaugh's site, where you can read why he says this is a smear job. He was referencing people - put forth by anti-war groups - claiming to be soldiers, slandering real soldiers, making up horrible stories to influence public opinion. Indeed, there have been more than a handful of these "phony soldiers." Now I get it.

LASunsett said...


//He was referencing people - put forth by anti-war groups - claiming to be soldiers, slandering real soldiers, making up horrible stories to influence public opinion.//

Jesse MacBeth and the likes, as well as those that put them up to their lies are all some of the vilest human tissue, known on the planet. If that's who he is referencing, then I am with him.

I know of no soldier that wants to be in a war. Even those that understand the nature of why we are there, doesn't like it. It's not their first choice of duty. I am sure they'd rather be at Schofield Barracks or Ft. Shafter in Hawaii chasing hula girls. But the fact of the matter is, they aren't, they are there to do a job, and they are going to do it to the best of their ability. And when the leftist cults pull the crap they pull with the Jesse MacBeths, it bastardizes every legitimate contribution made by real soldiers.