Thursday, October 25, 2007

Who Wants An Iranian Nuke?

VDH answers this question in his latest column.

Take time to read it and you'll see why I think he is one the premier op-ed writers in America. He has a way of laying it all out on the table.


Mustang said...

I honestly think the solution is simple, if we only had the stomach for it. It is this: convince the Sunnis that the Shi'ites are good to eat.

Greg said...

Mustang: :) good one.

Just happened to see a Frontline piece on the Iranian issue yesterday (avoiding the painful pre-game garbage on Fox). More than one expert said they think that US capabilities to damage Iran's nuclear program through airstrikes are probably greater than most people believe. I'm still skeptical. The administration promised us a cakewalk in Iraq, afterall.

Harsh sanctions are still a good option. Putin and those discpicable Party thugs in Beijing be damned. Let's get the Europeans on board to squeeze Iran into compliance.

Mustang said...

Greg, you posit an argument based on the apparent belief that others value honesty as much as you do. What is involved here, however, are market forces. Not unlike the sanction imposed on Iraq, there are nations and organizations that will circumvent “agreements” in order to line their own coffers. Remember, there are many advocates of the line spoken by Michael Douglas in the film Wall Street, “Greed is good.” Plus, many of our European allies are confronted by significant Islamic voting blocks that no politicians will ignore. So I think that economic sanctions collapse just because it is not in the nature of most governments to place integrity above capital self-interest.
Related topic: one “developing story” that isn’t budding (and I wonder why) involves an allegation that Israel sold an F-16 to China, who reengineered it and sold copies to Iran. If true, then I have nothing further to say about the danger Iran poses to the people of Israel. Have you heard about this?

Shah Alexander said...

Oh, back to political issues again! I stopped by this blog a few weeks (or days? I do not remember well.) ago.

How can the West talk with Iran? Nuke, terrorist sponsorship, and Iraq......

You may have watched this program linked to my recent post.

This one seems to be more useful.

LASunsett said...


We get distracted by sports around here sometimes, especially when the news cycle gets into a rut. It creates a good diversion from the madness that is permeating the world.

Thanks for stopping by and I'll take a look at the links you posted.

Greg said...

Mustang, that is the first I've heard of Israel selling an F-16 to China. That strikes me a suicidal on Israel's part, on many levels. First, China has shown a willingness to do business - even in weapons - with just about anybody. They are financing genocide in Sudan, eg. They are protecting Iran in the UNSC. Second, that can't possibly be legal. If it's true, Israel risks alienating it's sole protector. What will it do if the US refuses to sell F-16s or anything else to them?

I'm highly skeptical.

In any case, I realize sanctions are not a failsafe solution (eg. Oil for Food), but they are worth a try. Sanctions imposed so far - though relatively light - have been reported to have made a noticeable impact in Iran. We won't know if they will work if we don't try. What's the alternative? Wait until they actually test a nuclear weapon, when it will be too late? Bomb them now and deal with the terrible consequences?