Thursday, October 25, 2007

Sox 13 - Rox 1

We may have some answers to the questions I posed yesterday.

If you leave eight runners on base, you will likely lose. If you give up 17 hits, you are likely to lose. This is guaranteed, if you do both during the same game.

Essentially, they got their asses handed to them.

In football, you can benefit from nine days off. But baseball is different, you need to keep the bats hot and the streak going. The Rockies need to win tonight, because they have to win one in Boston to win the Series. Better they win in Game Two, than to have to win a Game Six or Seven.

Boston 1----Colorado 0


Greg said...

Beckett can make any offense look anemic. I think the Rockies will score more runs tonight.

But the Red Sox could score as many tonight as they did last night. They really wear down pitchers.

Also, the Rockies appeared rusty and/or blinded by the lights. Perhaps overwhelmed by the atmosphere. They are a very young and inexperienced team. I think now that they are past the first game, they will be more loose.

I still expect a long series.

But, Jesus - could they possibly start the game at the normal time? I'm freaking exhausted. At least it looks like MLB realizes it can't start the Denver games at 10 pm eastern time....

Rocket said...

I stayed up all night to watch the massacre. Turned it off in the bottom of the 7th. 5 am here!

Boston's pitching looks too strong and don't even talk to me about their hitting at the moment. Dice K ????. Good for 4 or 5 innings maybe but strong bats behind

When Dustin Pedroia starts "poppin' em" out of the park you've got to wonder about your pitching staff

I watched as the Rockies walked in how many runs? I was a little embarrassed for them. When would it all end.

I am now going with Boston in 5.

Greg! You're exhausted! get over it! (chuckle)

Greg said...


Dude, I am so tired. I sure hope they wrap it up in 5 'cause I need a looong sleep.

Are you a Sox fan? Up till 5 am to watch baseball? You need to move back to the states.

A.C. McCloud said...

I really like Clint Hurdle. Maybe he can get these guys back in the fight. In some ways the shellacking might be good, since it sets them up as super underdogs. Back in the 1982 series the mighty Milwaukee Brewers won the first game against the Whitey ball Cardinals by about the same score. Cards won in 7.

Or course the Cards had Sutter.

Rocket said...

Went to bed early last night cause I had to get up early today and what to my surprise did I see Bosox up 2 - 0

Greg I'm a Reds fan which means that I don't have any chance of rooting for my team in the Playoffs etc. anymore

Anonymous said...

this is your son Ryan... you should read this article and post it on this blog...i would like to hear your opinion on it...

LASunsett said...


//I'm a Reds fan which means that I don't have any chance of rooting for my team in the Playoffs etc. anymore//

Don't be too sure. Dusty Baker is going to be their manager and the front office is going to be giving him what he wants, which means they will be opening up the pocket books.

If they get some decent pitching, they'll contend again.

LASunsett said...


//Or course the Cards had Sutter.

He was one of the best firemen and closers I have ever seen.

LASunsett said...

Ryan, I read it.

On one hand, I think it's sad that Frazier still harbors this animosity. 35 years is a long time to hold this kind of a grudge. This rings especially true, when you look at the condition both fighters are in today. Frazier is relatively unscathed and Ali has been verbally silenced from his Parkinson's disease. (It's odd how a man that once ran his mouth incessantly, can't speak in intelligible terms, isn't it?)

On the other hand, I see Frazier's point about the things Ali had said about him. This must have been especially true, when you consider how Frazier helped him when he was down and out. One of the worst things a person can do is turn on someone that has helped him/her.

But, did Ali mean it? Or was he trying to promote the fight, like he said? Remember, Ali did this to everyone, not just Frazier. He did it to Liston, Norton, Spinks, and really did it to Foreman. So for Frazier to take it personally, doesn't make a lot of sense.

In the end, it would be best if he and Ali could process this out. But ultimately, it is up to Frazier to forgive Ali. It's not healthy to carry a grudge against someone for this long. Not when you look at who is the healthiest now.