Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Rally Behind Gore?

Don't laugh. Because as silly as Gore's arguments are, they may have some merit based on one very important angle.

Mustang has a way of making me think and in his latest post, he does just that. Whether he meant to or not, he jarred something in my brain that hadn't been stirred up previously. And this thought involves Gore and his quest to revolutionize the energy industry, for the wrong reasons.

Mustang's post has to do with a broad topic, but one of the points deals with the homage our government pays to the Saudis. Here was my comment:

You know, if Al Gore was as smart as he thinks he is, he'd forget about this "carbon footprint" and "man causing global warming" crap. If he really wanted to push for hybrids and alternatives to carbon based fuels, he'd present the secondary gains as the primary.

He should sell it under the, "shed the nation's dependency on Middle East oil" banner. Because that's the only way we will ever be able to stop sucking up to the Saudis.

What a day that would be, when we could tell the entire Middle East where they can stuff their oil. Then all of the threat of the Euro replacing the Dollar as the oil currency can become a reality. With that, the U.S. can pull out of the ME and let China , Russia, India, and even Europe fight over it.

If this were to happen, it'd weaken everyone while we could re-tool with our newly discovered energy source that everyone would want to buy. In turn, this would strengthen us.

Think about it. It could cure (ahem) global warming and stop the war, all in one play. Nothing like killing two liberal agendas with one stone, right?

I am sure that I can file this under fantination, which is best defined as, a cross between a fantasy and a a hallucination. This falls somewhere in the area of what I would do if I won this $56 million Hoosier Lottery prize. But it's to fun to think about it.

Marketing is everything and so is outcome. Who cares if he wins or or not, as long as the outcome is favorable for us, right?

Gore gets his agendas ( withdraw from the war and elimination of carbon based fuels in this country) and we get ours (elimination of dependency on foreign oil). We all can then say with one loud proud voice: Eat your oil, Mr. Saudi. Take your oil and refine it into salad oil if you wish, we do not need it.

I know it's all a delusion. But it's my delusion, and I like it.


Greg said...

My fantasy is a little bit different. In mine, we share our new energy source with everyone. No one needs to buy oil from the Middle East. Today's sponsors of terror find themselves with no product to sell. There's no money to support the current diseased Palestinian culture that teaches children hate, and they finally have to accept compromise (only now, they have less leverage than ever, and the compromises are doubly painful). Iran, similarly has no product to sell and can't finance its client terror groups. And it won't be able to support its nuclear program. In short, most of our enemies will be seriously screwed.

LASunsett said...

I am with you with one exception. I would not share anything with Russia and China. I would make them pay for it. I might be tempted to share it with Western European nations (and some others), but to those countries that seek to weaken the U.S., I wouldn't even entertain the notion.

A.C. McCloud said...

Although I agree with Mustang in principle, we can't make a national campaign of dissing these dudes with the cards they hold right now. Doing it under the name of GW does provide a certain amount of cover.

After all, Gore was once known as Scoop Jackson type Democrat, which might explain his past comments about rendition. (look under "usage under the Clinton Administration")

But that's all the credit I can muster for one day.