Monday, October 29, 2007

PYY Sportsline

I didn't see one game yesterday, so no Monday Morning Quarterback today.

Sox Sweep Rox

Unless you live in a stalag in Siberia, the big story is the Bosox win, in four. Not even Red Sox fan Greg had the guts to predict a sweep, he said it would go seven. But congrats go out to a good solid team. They pretty much dominated the regular season, stubbed their toe (but recovered) in the Indians series, and dominated the World Series with relative ease.

The big story was Lowell the MVP. What a classy and humble guy.

The Game Of The Century Is On

Yes, the hype will be nauseating, at times. We will hear more predictions, more analysis , than in any other game this season. In fact, this will rival the Super Bowl for prognostication production.

But, this is what the NFL has wanted, what the media has wanted, and more than likely what the teams have wanted. This is already being billed as the game of the century. It's very easy to market, when you have games like this.

The Pats have made their wins look easy. The Colts have plugged along in their shadow, gritting it out methodically.

For now, I will leave everyone with a couple of thoughts:

1. The team that scores last will likely win. Look for a scoring fest. It won't be a 49-41 score, more like a 28-24. I just cannot see how either of these defenses can shut down the other. It will be offensive productivity that rules the day.

2. Coaching will be front and center, both coaches are familiar with each other. Each team is talented on both sides of the ball. But the team that has the better game plan and executes it, will win.

That's it for now. As I said, we will have a whole week of sports pundits and their op-eds to digest. I do not want you to burn out on Monday.


Rocket said...

More later on the sweep. I predicted it in five. Anyway I'm going out for a stiff drink.

Greg said...

Isn't Lowell great? Seriously, who would you rather have at 3rd base next year - A-Rod or Lowell? I'll take Lowell, hands down. Problem is that he wants a 3 year contract. Sounds like Johnny "Um" Damon redux.

Speaking of A-Hole, isn't is typical that he would find a way to insert himself into the game last night, in the nail-biting moments at the end of the World Series? And why? To make his case for a big raise over his current $27 million salary. He is the curse. Don't want him on my team.

Also, that yellow-toothed lout, Bud Selig is a serious jerk for robbing us Red Sox fans of sleep for 2 weeks. The W.S. win feels like a dream, primarily b/c I'm still half asleep.

Still, it feels good when your team wins the last game of the year.

Greg said...

As for Colts-Pats, the hype will be unbearable. I will try my best to ignore it. Too bad the Colts no longer have "Idiot Kicker" Vanderjagt to make it interesting with some stupid comments during the week.

The game will be unbelievable. It's essentially the AFC Championship game right in the middle of the season. Whoever wins gets home-field advantage for the real championship game. And whoever is playing on their own field on Jan 20 is probably going to go to the Super Bowl and win.

Rocket said...

That shot to left field last night in the bottom of the 9th with one out ? The commentator on my sports package (NASN)said Manny wouldn't have gotten it. Is that true? Greg????

Is Manny weak defensively but a strong bat?

How about that fireman Papelbon!!!

Wow what drama and he fanned the last batter. Made my heart thump even at 5 am our time!

Okajima might be looking for a new team next year.

I also like Coco Crisp.

I have to relearn all of this after having been out of the loop for 30 years!

But I'm loving it!

I still get chills with the crack of the bat and the long drive

Greg said...

rocket: The commentator on my sports package (NASN)said Manny wouldn't have gotten it. Is that true? Greg????

Is Manny weak defensively but a strong bat?

Manny is in no way weak defensively - that's just his reputation. Last season, he led left fielders in assists. He routinely makes great plays defensively. Sometimes he makes a bone-headed play, though, and that's what people remember with him. I mean, we're talking about, perhaps, the greatest right-handed hitter of all time, and all most national commentators have to talk about is how he flips his hat off or admires his homeruns. I ended up muting McCarver/Buck and putting on the radio to hear the local announcers.

Maybe Manny would not have reached the ball; or maybe he would have. We'll never know. I'm just glad Ellsbury caught it. All Red Sox Nation nearly wet itself at that moment.

Rocket said...

Thanks Greg. For so many years away from the game because of nationalistic blackout here I have to relearn who is who and who does what good and bad.

Greg said...

My pleasure - I love talking baseball! In fact, in a perverse way, I'm a little depressed today that the season is over.

Rocket said...

Me too a little depressed and I've even learned to like the American League (a little)

No more all nighters in my own little world. But we've got Monday night football tonight. Yee Haw!


This is me when I broke into the Reds organization many years ago

check out the car they gave me for signing.

Rocket said...


the link is here

A.C. McCloud said...

Congrats to the Sox fans. 8-0 in WS games, unreal (as they say in beantown). My late father was a big Sox fan even though he was from the south--he idolized Ted Williams as kid. I only wish he could have lived long enough to watch these last 3 years.

Now, what's this about a Pats-Colts game?? ;-)

LASunsett said...


//My pleasure - I love talking baseball! In fact, in a perverse way, I'm a little depressed today that the season is over.//

Dry it up. There's no depression in baseball. Especially when you win the WS and spring training is just around the corner. ;)

LASunsett said...


//Now, what's this about a Pats-Colts game??//

4:15 PM EST CBS. Be there as the All-American Indianapolis Colts do their best stop the spread of Communist heathenry, also known as, the New England Patriots. ;)

LASunsett said...

Make that 4:15 PM on SUNDAY. (didn't want any confusion there)

LASunsett said...

Another key to the Colts winning on Sunday will be the effectiveness of the running games. The team that executes it well can keep the other team's QB on the sidelines. That's a strategy many use on the Colts, but as you can see, it may be time for the Colts to look at that as a means of keeping Brady a spectator.

Greg said...

Love those pictures, Rocket!