Tuesday, October 16, 2007

News From The Baseball World

Political news is getting boring. Some of my readers are baseball fans, so I thought I'd post some baseball news and commentary:

Rockies Going To World Series

They swept the D'backs. They have won 21 of the last 22 games, they have played. They are the team to beat right now.

Before the playoffs were underway, the talk was Arizona vs. Boston. Boston is now down 2-1 to the Cleveland Indians, but not out of it yet.

I don't think it matters much who wins that series though, the Rockies are the team to beat right now. They are a juggernaut and look like they will mow down either team. They have won on the road and at home, they don't seem to show any signs of faltering right now.

My congrats to the Rockies organization and their fans.

Dusty Baker To Manage Reds

I was in the eastern part of the state yesterday and the only decent station to listen to was the Big One 700 WLW. As you can imagine they were all over this story. There are so many possibilities here.

Good players love Dusty and want to play for him. He is the winningest manager ever hired by the Reds in their long history. Reportedly, there have been some free agents that have called him and offered to come and play there.

Add to that, management appears to be ready to open up the purse a bit and get some players that will cost a bit more. What they need is pitching.


A.C. McCloud said...

Congrats to the Rockies. Another wild card team goes to the series..

I'm rooting for the Indians..both fan bases deserve it.

Greg said...

I feel like rooting for the Indians after watching my team suck and refuse to play its best players. Cleveland wheels out their rookie relievers all series long, with great success. Our best rookies are left off the roster, eg. Bucholtz. Or are left sitting on the bench (Ellsbury), while listless hacks (Coco Crap, Nancy Drew) royally suck at the plate. Makes me physically ill.

I refuse to watch as long as both Crap and Drew are playing. It's the only way to save my television (and other breakable objects in the living room) from total destruction.

As for the Rockies, they came to Boston over the summer and nearly swept the Red Sox. They have been seriously underrated. If the Red Sox, by some miracle, managed to make it the W.S., they'd probably get swept.


LASunsett said...

Hi Guys,

I figured Rocket would weigh in on the Reds move, seeing how he was a Reds fan as a kid. (Or at very least he could unleash a anti-Dallaslike tirade against the Indians.)


Mark said...

LOL....Greg said Nancy Drew....

I never watch baseball. Never played nor liked it much. But I've watched almost every game of these playoffs.Guess I'm a conditional "pressure situation" fan now.

Do a lot of work in Denver - I'm here tonight - so I'm enjoying the
Rockies...seems like these guys have no real "stars" but all are efficient and consistent hitting and fielding...and sweet that it's their first world series.

My company is based in Cleveland so go Indians. Plus I've got a bit of a man-crush on Grady Sizemore....who doesn't?

I'm sounding like a girl here, "Oooooh...I like that team 'cause their colors match and he's cute! Can we switch to Grey's Anatomy now???"

Sorry manly men. At least I'm watching...

Greg said...

You like my nickname for Drew, Mike? I have one for most of the Red Sox players I love to hate.

Nancy Drew
Coco Crap
Eric Perdu
Big Poopie (for Matt Clement [he's still on the team], instead of Big Papi)

In the past, we've had Jose Awfulman (who recently charged the mound with his bat in a minor league game).

Oh, I've got lots more where that came from. :)

LASunsett said...

//I have one for most of the Red Sox players I love to hate.//

How about the Patriot players you hate?

I'll start.

Bill Billacheat.

(Sorry, couldn't resist. My inferiority complex is showing again, isn't it?)