Thursday, October 11, 2007

Recommended Reading

I am in the midst of one of those infamous busy stretches that frequently come in my life. I started a post for today, but alas, I could not get it finished in time for publishing. So, here are a few things for you to read and ponder, whilst I am mining salt and trying to keep the cash flow coming.

The latest VDH piece can be found here. As always, he doesn't mince words and has his way with them.

Here is an odd twist to the Democrats and their anti-war base. This goes to show you cannot make promises you may mot be able to keep.

Mustang has a new post that echoes my sentiments on the subject of this time wasting Congress. For the latest waste of taxpayer dollars, see what he has to say.

Historically, the incompetent turn into the irrelevant. For the latest irrelevance from he who was incompetent, you can check out the latest statements my Jimmy Carter.

Some will hail this as a foreign policy victory, others will characterize it as a defeat. But Sarkozy knows where he stands and this article will tell you where that is.

Happy Reading

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